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2022 Essential Google Ads and PPC Statistics Every Digital Marketer Needs to Know

In 2022, most businesses self-promoted through Google Ads. Paid advertisements help grow and represent what you sell loud and clear. The days when organic systems of data worked are long gone. New methods of reaching target audiences much faster have replaced older systems. Google’s ads introduced in 2000 now make a total of a billion-dollars plus.

If you would like to learn more about PPC and Google ads statistics, read this article till the end.

Top Google Ads Statistics

It is because most people turn to Google as their source of information. Google’s search engine gets considered one of the best and fastest, with a lead of 86.64% in market shares. Therefore, it is an excellent means to cater to a user base and spread awareness, and help in online communication.

63% of People Have Clicked on a Google Ad

According to an annual report by HubSpot’s Annual State of Marketing, about 63% of people clicked on a Google ad. Most ads get promoted through a website that further ensures success for all online ventures. It promises changes in numbers by not just promoting through generic platforms like Facebook.

33% of Mobile Ad Spending Goes to Google

Online shopping brings great ease and convenience, just a click away. Such methods convince larger audiences to opt for online shopping options. You would feel surprised to know that every year, 33% of the purchases go to Google. Come to think of it, who would not want their numbers to become a part of this 33%?

In 2020, Google’s Ad Revenue Was $146.92 Billion

A steady rise in Google’s ad revenue over the last couple of years shows massive growth. The year 2020, due to an increase in Covid rates, brought about a total revenue of $146 billion through advertising strategies. The average yearly income for Google was about $181 billion.

Google Ads & PPC Advertising Statistics

The best part is that these ads can get modified to suit your company’s preference and line of work. Some effective varieties include ad campaigns through display, video, shopping, app, local, and smart. The system goes by a PPC (or pay-per-click) model, where the website pays you as soon as an ad gets clicked by the user. There is no surprise that Google’s PPC advertising system ranks as one of the best worldwide.

How Effective is PPC in Attracting Audiences?

PPC generates twice the visitors that seo does! If you work as a content creator, you would know your success strongly relies on an SEO (search engine optimization) system to promote your content. SEO is a smart way to gain money and make profits organically.

However, inorganic methods such as PPC produce more than twice the audiences compared to SEO. While SEO is a long-term concept, PPC is a one-time investment to gain huge profits.

The Average Click-Through Rate for Google Ads is 2%

Click-through rate (CTR) is a strong determinant when running online ads. If someone likes your ad, you would want them to tap it and navigate through to the desired website in the most efficient way. Statistics show that the average CTR for Google ads amounts to 2%, getting categorized as above average.

65% of People Click on Ads When Making Purchases

As a company selling products online, you want people to reach your website as soon as they search for their desired service. In such a case, Google helps in competing with your competitors and reaching better goals. It is because about 65% of the population clicks on ads before they get to their desired purchase. Therefore, if your ad is the first one to get through to them, they might click on the website and give you maximum gains.

Last Thoughts––Google Shopping Statistics

Furthermore, the newly launched Google Shopping campaign further helps with the process. It allows the producer to give all the required information to their customers. This way, the viewers can observe the products without clicking on the ad. It creates a win!-win situation for all parties. Another reason is that it can effectively produce sales to all product-based businesses.

In conclusion, brands ought to become strategic in promoting their services before they face losses in today’s competitive world.


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