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3 Beverage Brands that Successfully Drove Their Brand Awareness Campaigns with Pinterest

The global beverage market was worth $1,544.610 billion in the year 2018. Between 2019 and 2024, it is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.10% to attain a market size of $1,854.589 billion in 2024.

However, making inroads into this highly lucrative industry is challenging because of the consumers’ tenacity to stick with already established brands. This makes it very intricate for new entrants to make a mark for themselves in the beverage sector.

However, today there is no dearth of platforms that can help brands carve out a place for themselves in this highly competitive industry. By leveraging the potential of these platforms, companies can bring about a significant boost in their overall branding, which was done by the following three beverage brands that chose Pinterest to enhance their brand awareness.

1. Absolut Lime

Premium vodka brand, Absolut, was about to introduce its latest flavour addition to the Absolut Vodka family, Absolut Lime.

Their Objectives

The brand sought to drive offline sales for at-home consumption, especially among the young vodka drinkers and millennials.

Approach & Solution

Since millennials were their main targeted audience, the Absolut team decided to join hands with Pinterest to leverage its popularity amongst the young users.

Absolut and its marketing agency, 360i, analyzed their customer insights to understand what kind of content millennials like about cocktails. Also, they took into consideration Pinterest insights about the spirits category.

They used Promoted Videos to illustrate how to combine different cocktails by showing different ingredients exploding. The imagery captured the audience’s attention and emphasized on the refreshing nature of cocktails. They also demonstrated how essay it was to prepare them.

Created specifically for Pinterest, these Promoted Videos were shot vertically and, therefore, fit perfectly into a Pin’s shape. These videos always ended by featuring a bottle of Absolut Lime.

They deployed different targeting strategies to ensure that they reached the right audience. They used interest targeting to reach people who were looking for inspiration for birthday parties and brunch.

They also leveraged Oracle Data Cloud buyer-based targeting to identify buyers who purchased from vodka categories. Moreover, they used Absolut’s engagement data to find people who had previously engaged with the brand.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign was quite successful and delivered on Absolut’s objective of enhanced incremental sales, driving their household penetration by 4%.

2. Alpro

Alpro wanted to market its latest plant-based product, Alpro Coffee for which it wanted to create some traction.

Their Objectives

Alpro wanted to drive awareness for its plant-based coffee, Alpro Caffe, throughout France, Germany, and the UK.

Approach & Solution

Alpro decided to use Promoted Videos to create awareness for Alpro Caffe. This Promoted Video Pin was centered around a shot of the product and ensured that it remained on the top of the mind of Pinners.

Also, they used keyword and interest targeting to make sure that the Video Pin was reaching the right audience i.e., Pinners who liked drinking coffee or enjoyed flexitarian food options.

The campaign was launched in the UK and gradually expanded to Germany and France. This helped Alpro to derive learnings from each territory, which they used to alter their campaigns, resulting in ever-improving campaigns and allowing them to maximize the results.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign was a success for Alpro and performed better than Pinterest’s benchmark KPIs across all three countries. The Promoted Video Pin had a 2X higher completion rate in the UK than Pinterest’s benchmarks. In France and Germany, the completion rate was higher than Pinterest’s benchmarks by 20% and 30%, respectively.

3. Malibu Rum

Malibu Rum is a Caribbean rum and sells about 4 million cases every year across the world.

Their Objectives

Malibu wanted to boost awareness and purchase consideration for the drink among people who were looking for party ideas.

Approach & Solution

As Pinterest is one of the most highly accessed platforms for people looking for party ideas, Malibu decided to team up with Pinterest to ramp up its awareness.

Malibu used Pinterest data to identify the most popular cocktails in the summer. Also, they learned what kind of consumers were most likely to look up to Pinterest for cocktail ideas.

After they had these insights, Malibu worked with their advertising agency, 360i, to create a series of short videos showing how to mix Malibu into summer drinks like Mojito and Bay Breeze. The team also used Promoted Video at maximum width for a higher degree of engagement.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign was a successful one for Malibu as consumers interested in summer parties and cocktails were quick to embrace its short videos. Pinterest’s Promoted Video at max-width format reached 2 million people, who were looking for ideas on cocktail and summer parties.

Bottom Line

Several successful Pinterest campaigns have amply demonstrated that creating timely and fun content like short-form videos can bring in a substantial degree of engagement from the targeted audience. Also, max-width videos can deliver better click-throughs. Ultimately, it is all about gathering adequate insights into how your target audience is using Pinterest and industry trends, which can help you create better creatives.


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