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3 Charitable Organisations that Excelled in their Facebook Ad Campaigns

There are many people and organisations in the world that exist not for profit. They genuinely care for the things in this world, like natural resources, homeless people, wildlife, etc. Besides, they also keep making efforts to improve all these aspects and also encourage others to do the same. Just like other industry sectors, these organisations also leverage the power of social media to make people aware of the crucial global problems.

Facebook is one of those social platforms. As per recent statistics, Facebook has around 2.7 billion monthly active users. These figures are a clear indication that Facebook, along with other social media platforms, are an excellent option to extend your outreach. They are good to put a word out.

Hence, if you want to create your own ad campaign, Facebook is always at your disposal. Check out the following case studies for motivation!

Charitable Organisations that Excelled in their Facebook Ad Campaigns

1) The Honu Movement

Run Time:

August 2019 - April 2020

Target Region and Audience:



The nine-month-long ad campaign yielded remarkable results for The Honu Movement. The campaign attracted a whopping 8400 sales in the campaign period.


The major goal of The Honu Movement was to create user awareness and also boost the sales of its recycled products. Their 2019 campaign led to brilliant results.

Approach and Buyer’s Journey:

The brand designed a master approach to drive product sales and raise awareness among the users. The first step that they took was to identify their audience. They targeted lookalike audiences, the interest-based audiences (based on themes like veganism and sustainability), to reach the right people. Moreover, to further broaden their outreach, they also used brand audiences.

With the help of online marketing company Voggsmedia, The Honu Movement created brilliant creatives for various ad formats and types. Moreover, they also used existing videos of their previous work to further enhance their creatives. The produced photo and video ads included the “learn more” link that was solely for the knowledge of the users.

Further, the video ads were also included with polls that engaged the users more deeply with the content and its cause. The final stage included a carousel of products that drove sales. The video ads and link ads contained the “Shop Now” caption that acted as a CTA.

The Result:

The overall yield of the campaign was mind-blowing. The ad campaign garnered:

  • Over 8400 sales

  • 1.8X overall return on ad spend

  • 2.2X return on ad spend in the best 30 days

Products Used:

Carousel, Video ads, Photo ads, Lookalike audiences

2) Oxfam GB

Run Time:


Target Region and Audience:

Great Britain


The ingeniously designed approach by the charity firm delivered a stunning performance during the campaign time period. Oxfam GB experienced an overall boost of 1.4X in its revenue.


The primary objective of the firm was to make users aware of the contents of their online shop and also boost sales of those products.


The charity firm used video to make an impact on people out there. With their engaging ads, they showcased various products that their store was offering. Moreover, they also focused on showing people in their warehouse those included staff, supporters, and volunteers.

For testing the effectiveness of ads, they created many of them from a single film. The firm targeted audience based on interest and demographics and also used online sales ad objectives. This was done to make sure that ads were shown to only those who were interested in making the purchase.

The campaign ran for three weeks, and ads were shown to people in Facebook feeds. Oxfam GB tracked all the creatives for performance and only carried with the ones that performed. Moreover, they also used a conversion lift study to measure the incremental value of the campaign.


The conversion lift study of Facebook led to the following results for Oxfam GB:

  • 1.4X boost in the revenue

  • 2.2X lift in add-to-cart events

  • 1.8X increase in purchases

Products Used:

Ad in feeds, Measurement, Video ads

3) World Wide Fund for Nature

Run Time:

15 April - 5 May 2019

Target Region and Audience

UK, People aged 18-30 years


The Facebook ad campaign created by the brand ended with flying colors. The ad campaign reached 7.6 million people and also brought a 10 point lift in ad recall.


The global conservation organization leveraged the power of Facebook ads to make people aware that natural resources are not meant to be overused. Moreover, they also wanted to spread awareness about climate change.


The conservation brand’s classic approach led them to divide the audience into four segments, namely, frozen, cold, warm, and hot. They partnered with an agency named Merkle to create an audience affinity framework that developed the mentioned audience segments.

The type of audience segments allowed the brand to target ads based on their commitment to fighting climate change. The ads were also targeted based on the interest and lookalike audiences. WWF created short, creative, and engaging sound off video ads that served the educational content to a broad audience, including the frozen segment to reach out to more advocates. These ads were targeted to people in the age group of 18-30 years. WWF branded the ad both at the beginning and at the end.

The success of the campaign was measured by the Facebook brand lift study that recorded brand recall, affinity, and intent. This approach brought classic results in the end.

Targeting Buyer’s Journey:

As this campaign’s core motive was awareness, there was no link or CTA included in the ad. The brand just recorded people’s responses and the number of people that were reached by the ad.


The campaign resulted in:

  • Getting 3.4 point uplift in affinity

  • 10 point lift in ad recall

  • Reached 7.6 million people

  • 3.4 boost in action intent

Products used:

Video ads, Core audiences, Lookalike audiences, Measurement

Wish to create your own Ad Campaign?

If you've gone through all the case studies on our blog, you must have noticed by now that there is no single approach that you can follow to create a killer ad campaign. The approach varies based on the type of campaign, audience, and tools used.

So, to build a promising ad campaign for your charity brand, analyse these as well as other crucial factors closely. Good luck!


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