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3 Highly Successful Consumer Goods Facebook Ad Campaigns

Consumer goods are the most basic things that are required by the users. And as these things have a high demand all the time, there are many firms around the world that deal in this industry sector. This has led to cut-throat competition between these firms.

The intense competition between consumer goods manufacturers has led to an increase in ad spend in recent years too. For instance, in India itself, the digital ad-spend of consumer goods was 38% in 2019. Moreover, social media advertising ad expenditure was around 27% of the total digital ad spend.

These figures clearly depict the importance of harnessing social networks for your marketing campaign. And to do that, you need a planned approach and powerful tools. Go through the following case studies to get some awesome ideas about planning and implementing your ad campaign on Facebook.

Check out these three highly successful Consumer Goods Facebook Ad Campaigns


Run Time

January - February (2018)

Target Region and Audience

Four major cities in Vietnam, Targeted Men and Women aged 20-29.


By leveraging the power of Facebook video ads during the Vietnamese New Year, Aquafina saw a tremendous 20 point lift in ad recall. The primary focus of the campaign was on the younger audiences of Vietnam.


With the aim of reaching the fashion-loving audience and to launch the brand refresh, the firm produced short video ads during the holiday of Tết.


The brand did not use any rocket science approach to run the ad campaign. However, they did precisely chose the time period and the types of ads.

Aquafina planned the 5-week long campaign perfectly. Unlike other brands, Aquafina created short video ads featuring young influencers to stimulate younger audiences.

The short video ads were created specifically for mobile devices by using existing TV commercials.

To specifically target men and women of age group 20-29 years, Aquafina harnessed Facebook Custom Audiences.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

The key idea behind the ad campaign was to reach out to younger audiences and introduce a brand refresh. To make the users aware of the fresh product, the brand produced short Facebook video ads.

For stimulating the audience’s interest in the ad, Aquafina featured young fashion influencers. The crux here was to make the audience watch and remember the ad.

Lastly, to perfectly align the campaign with the goal, Aquafina used Facebook Custom Audiences to specifically target those between the age group 22-29. Moreover, they did this in 4 major cities in Vietnam.

Did they Succeed?

Absolutely, the Facebook-only ad campaign ended with flying colors for Aquafina. The brand fostered:

● 12 point lift in brand awareness

● 7.7 point lift in message association

● 20 point lift in ad-recall

Products Used:

Video ads, Custom audiences

L’Oreal Paris

Run Time

2 weeks in August (2018)

Target Region and Audience

Philippines, Female audience between 25-40 years.


In an attempt to skyrocket online sales and revenue, L’Oreal used Facebook collaborative ads to run a campaign for its Lazada store. And yeah, the beauty brand saw some remarkable figures like a 96% increase in the traffic.

It also witnessed a boost of 55 points in sales.


The primary aim of the campaign was to extend the outreach and boost online sales numbers.


L’Oreal formulated an awesome approach by producing a first of its kind campaign in the APAC region.

Initially, they created a catalog of all the available L’Oreal products. Followed by this, the brand created dynamic ads in the collection ad format. It included a video on the top along with images of the products offered. These images were in the carousel format.

The collection ad format provided a seamless browsing user experience, along with better product discovery.

L’Oreal leveraged these ads to target females between the age group of 25-40 years.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

Well, the beauty brand created the campaign in a way that smoothly converted viewers into customers.

The brand created beautiful and engaging video ads to make the users aware of the products available for sale. Besides, they also focussed on targeting the specific audience to increase the engagement. The point here was to create an impact on the user with the collection format ads.

To tune the user’s mind into considering the products, L’Oreal included products that were available at a reduced price in the ad. Users could scroll right and check out these products.

Lastly, to nudge the users into buying the products, the brand included their additional services and features in the ad. They offered cash on delivery service and nationwide shipping of the products. The crux here was to keep the user’s mind relaxed about their investment and offer convenience.

Did they Succeed?

The perfectly planned ad campaign yielded brilliant results for the beauty brand like:

● 50 point lift in the buyers of the brand

● 96% boost in traffic

● 55 point lift in the sales of L’Oreal Paris on Lazada

● 8 point lift in sales of L’Oréal, Garnier, and MBNY

Products Used:

Collection, Audience Network, Dynamic ads, Collaborative ads


Run Time

26 August - 5 September 2018

Target Region and Audience

Worldwide, 25-55 years


By leveraging the power of Facebook Stories and other relevant tools, Furbo excelled in its ad campaign. The Dog Camera ad campaign lifted their leads by 20%.


The core objective of the brand was to gain visibility and find more potential customers around the globe. With this motive, they went on to try Facebook stories for ad placement.


Their approach for the ad campaign was pretty straight forward. They just catered users with ads that showed their product in action.

In the initial steps, Furbo created highly engaging ads that displayed all the features of their product, Dog camera. The ads were displayed in the vertical format to stimulate the user’s mind.

The next step of their approach included targeting those between the 25-55 year age range. This age range included only those who have interests related to dogs like their food, grooming, and training.

The ad showed the camera equipment tossing food to the dog when they look into the camera. The camera was obviously viewed by the user on the other end.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

Facebook Stories turned out to be the perfect place for running ads for Furbo. It helped them seamlessly turn customers into buyers.

Awareness stage: Furbo created a fun and engaging ads for all the dog lovers out there. The ad showcased a Dog camera along with its features in live-action. The motive of this was to make users around the world aware of the new product.

Consideration stage: After creating the impact of their product on the users, Furbo very smartly teased them to consider buying the product. It prompted the users to enter their e-mail to get a special promotional code.

Conversion stage: To finally allow the users to shop for the product, the brand included a CTA in their ad, named “Shop Now” at the bottom.

Did they Succeed?

The precisely planned ad campaign yielded the following results for the brand.

● 76% low cost/incremental leads with ads on Facebook and Instagram Stories (with respect to Instagram alone)

● 20% more leads with ads on Facebook and Instagram Stories ((with respect to Instagram alone)

● 18% lower cost/lead acquisition with ads on Facebook and Instagram Stories (with respect to Instagram alone)

Products Used:

Video ads, Ad in stories, Core audiences, Custom audiences, Facebook Pixel, Measurement.

Want to build a Brilliant Ad Campaign?

Well, right now, you must be pumped up to build your own ad campaign, but it is not that simple as it seems. As the described businesses have a very diverse set of products, the techniques used by them are also different.

Every business marketing works differently; you need to be clear about this thing before you formulate a marketing approach and choose the ad campaign tools. Doing so will help you foster better results from your ad campaign.


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