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3 Food Brands That Had Significant Success With Pinterest Campaigns

The global revenue from the food industry stands at almost $9 million in 2021. The market is expected to further grow at a CAGR of 4.5% between 2021 and 2026. Despite slightly sluggish growth in the aftermath of the pandemic, the food sector is currently moving on an upward trajectory. Therefore, there is no dearth of opportunities in this industry.

However, with various social media channels springing up over the decade, marketers often get confused about what they want to achieve and how they seek to achieve it. All they need is a bit of clarity and a game plan to achieve their goals, similar to how these food brands achieved their marketing objectives through their Pinterest campaigns.

1. BON V!V

BON V!V wanted to stand out with its alcoholic seltzer, for which it sought Pinterest’s help.

Their Objective

BON V!V wanted to ramp up its brand awareness by harnessing Pinterest’s potential and subsequently leveraging its brand awareness to execute purchases.

Approach & Solution

In association with Pinterest, BON V!V created a campaign that demonstrated an amazingly tasty and zero-sugar seltzer in scenarios that were in perfect synchronization with the audience trends, highlighting the different ways to create a cozy brunch experience at home.

Working with their internal agency, draftLine, BON V!V seamlessly brought their creative, targeting, and execution in alignment. The campaign brought to light different flavor blends and focused on people’s passions, thereby, ensuring each Pin highlighted a trending insight like easy cocktail recipes or a self-care checklist.

BON V!V also paired their sugar-free seltzer with images of occasions that were trending on Pinterest. They also came to the conclusion that there could be no better way of enjoying these sugar-free seltzers than while engaging in self-care rituals like bubble baths or clicking the perfect picture with bites from their brunch. Moreover, BON V!V featured creative advisor and feminist activist Priyanka Chopra Jonas in a few Pins to further connect with their audience.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign was a massive success for BON V!V. The brand saw a 100% full-funnel statistically important lifts across all the five metrics i.e., brand and Pin awareness, purchase intent, message association, and brand favorability.

Also, the Pins with Priyanka Chopra Jonas performed the best and raked in higher click-through rates and lower cost-per-clicks.

2. Frank’s RedHot

As the tailgate season came approaching, Frank’s RedHot wanted to reach out to football enthusiasts and drive the traffic to their site.

Their Objective

Frank’s RedHot sought to boost the traffic to their website by establishing a connection with football fans.

Approach & Solution

The campaign kicked off with some game day recipes like buffalo chicken dip and wings, which featured Frank’s RedHot Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce. Their team came up with keywords, interest, and actalikes targeting. They further created two custom Oracle Data Cloud audiences.

One of these audiences used the company’s data to retarget loyal fans by concentrating on people who’d already purchased Frank’s RedHot. The second audience was specifically created to find people who had searched for wings and spicy food in the past. This gave Frank’s RedHot direct access to the Pinners who were most likely to like their brand.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign turned out to be quite successful for Frank’s RedHot. It resulted in 63% lower cost-per-click and 96% higher engagement. With a more sophisticated targeting strategy, Frank’s RedHot 2019 tailgate campaign outperformed the brand’s key performance metrics from the last year. The campaign also carried Frank’s RedHot through the entire football season.

3. Häagen-Dazs

Häagen-Dazs introduced their newest line of frozen treats to their ice cream lovers right before the peak summer season in 2019.

The Objective

Häagen-Dazs sought to capitalize on the Pinners who were looking for summertime snacks through its latest flavor. Also, they wanted to boost their in-store purchase and inspire shoppers to purchase from their stores.

Approach & Solution

Häagen-Dazs used a combination of interest and keyword targeting to boost its brand awareness as well as drive sales. Through interest targeting, Häagen-Dazs ads could be seen in people’s home feeds based on their preferences in tastes, hobbies, etc. Through keyword targeting, Häagen-Dazs ads were seen by people who looked up specific terms and were ready to make a purchase.

Through a combination of both Pinterest features, Häagen-Dazs got access to people who were casually browsing on Pinterest for different ice cream flavors and recipes and raised their excitement to try their new line of sweet treats in their store.

The Result

The combination of interest and keyword targeting strategies delivered optimum results for Häagen-Dazs. The campaign resulted in a 3% boost in their sales across the Häagen-Dazs portfolio. Also, it led to a 2X return on their ad spend.

The success of the campaign motivated the team to update their communication launch strategy for future products.

Wrapping Up

Pinterest has emerged as a reliable platform for brands to showcase their range of products and services to people belonging to different age groups. By using a mix of keyword and interest targeting, brands can maximize their in-store sales by creating a personalized experience for Pinners.

However, if you want to achieve your goals within a limited time frame and wish to capitalize on a specific development like these three brands mentioned above, you must begin early. Since people start planning on Pinterest long before the actual event, start running your seasonal content well before the actual holiday or event to capitalize on the early intent.


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