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3 Home & Décor Brands That Executed Mind-Boggling Pinterest Campaigns

The global home decor industry was worth $682 billion in 2021. The market is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR of 4.8% between 2022-2027 to reach $898.3 billion. While the industry offers a lot to the home & decor brands, the internal competition is high, especially due to COVID-19.

Therefore, brands need to come up with marketing campaigns that can help them reach out to the maximum number of potential customers. To that end, Pinterest can be a great marketing platform for brands to reach out to users, just like these three home & decor brands did with their Pinterest campaigns.

1. Michaels

Michaels is one of North America’s largest providers of arts, crafts, floral, and wall décor for DIY home decorators.

Their Objective

Michaels was looking for innovative ways to plant holiday inspiration for their audience in the form of DIY trees, ornaments, and home décor.

Approach & Solution

Michaels used popular Pinterest searches to identify people’s needs. They knew that terms like “pencil trees” and “holiday interests” were trending on Pinterest. So they started running ads that featured their special holiday decor collection.

They also added Pinterest Trend Badge to Pins. The Badge lets people know that the Pin shows a top idea people are searching for on Pinterest. Additionally, Michaels also created video ads with catchy taglines like “The holidays are all around”. When people clicked on these ads, they were invited into three virtual 360° rooms that showcased different holiday decor collections.

Michaels’ suggestions for making home a festive and comfortable place included DIY products that were available with a left or right swipe. Their campaign the day after Halloween helped the Michaels team achieve extra success. With the holiday season in full swing, they had something innovative and inspiring for all crafters at every level of ability- from eager novices to seasoned pros.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign was a huge success for Michaels as their virtual showroom became an in-person sales boom. They saw an impressive 8% boost in in-store traffic. Also, the average time spent in the 360° experience was 90 seconds.

2. Structube

Structube is a Canadian specialty retailer of moderately priced contemporary and modern home furniture and accessories.

Their Objective

Structube wanted to ramp up their sales and therefore, was looking for ways to move more Pinners toward a purchase.

Approach & Solution

To save time and effort, Structube uploaded its product feed to Pinterest. The platform transformed its product listings into ads with text and images, thereby, saving Structube from having to create assets from the scratch.

Structube also adapted their shopping ads to fit Pinners’ behavior. They knew that Pinners looked for home decor ideas for one room at a time i.e. ideas for the bathroom on one day and living room ideas the next day. So, they set up shopping campaigns to match the keywords that people usually looked for.

Also, Structube’s ads featured both individual products as well as scenes from the room. This helped the Pinners who were looking for ideas imagine how Structube’s furnishings would look like in their homes.

The Result

Structube’s Pinterest campaign was a major success and helped it attain a 2x higher ROAS compared to the industry’s average in Canada. This encouraged them to try more Pinterest campaigns.

3. John Lewis

John Lewis & Partners wanted to cut through the noise to provide support for new parents, who often get all kinds of advice from people around them.

Their Objective

John Lewis’ primary objective was to drive awareness around its baby and child range and boos the purchase intent among its target audience.

Approach & Solution

John Lewis’ strategy revolved around video Pins, supplemented by keyword and interest targeting. While kicking off the campaign, they launched a hero asset that showcased some of the remarkable ways that products from the baby and child range could help bring a nursery to life.

John Lewis then retargeted Pinners who viewed the video with promoted and organic Pins. The brand highlighted relevant themes around the nursery design ideas and hospital essentials to showcase specific products and provide useful info. This proved to be an effective way of cementing the brand as a leader in the baby and child space.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign turned out to be an effective full-funnel solution for John Lewis & Partners and led to a 20% boost in its brand awareness. Also, there was a 33% increase in its purchase intent.

Wrapping Up

With over 200 million active monthly users, Pinterest is undeniably a great marketing avenue for brands that are looking to strengthen their footprint across unchartered areas. With 87% of Pinterest users claiming to have purchased a product or service based on Pinterest content, you have all the reasons to focus your time and energy on this wonderful marketing tool. But just like any other marketing platform, Pinterest can be just as good as the content and the strategy behind curating that content. Once you have got those two in order, there’s no limit to what Pinterest can deliver for you.

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