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3 Home Decor & Furniture Brands that Aced Their Brand Awareness Campaigns on Pinterest

The global home decor market was worth $616.6 billion in 2019 and is estimated to reach $838.6 billion in 2027 at a CAGR of 3.9% between 2020 and 2027. Naturally, the advertising spend in the home decor industry would also see substantial growth, which is slated to increase from $972.85 million in 2018 to $988.98 million in 2020.

But even the steepest hike in marketing expenditure can’t get you the desired results until your efforts are channelized in the right direction. You need to curate a 360-degree campaign to give your brand the facelift it needs to enhance its presence in the customers’ consciousness, as was done by these three following brands that teamed up with Pinterest for their brand awareness campaigns.

1. The Conran Shop

Leading luxury retailer of furniture and home decor, the Conran Shop, wanted to make their presence felt in younger audiences, especially amongst the millennials. In doing so, they wanted to ensure that they continue to appeal to new generations of design-conscious consumers.

Their Objectives

The Conran Shop wanted to boost brand awareness amongst millennials and simultaneously multiply both their online, as well as, in-store sales.

Approach & Solution

The Conran Shop joined hands with Pinterest to build a thoughtful organic strategy. Together, they created 300 Pins along the lines of Pinterest’s creative best practices, and 15 boards that highlighted specific designers and products.

The Conran Shop dynamically created more than 20,000 Product Rich Pins from their online catalogue to display its extensive range of products. They went all guns blazing ahead of the London Design Festival in September 2018 and created a multi-channel promotion to publicize the event, which they had dubbed as LDF18: The Conran Shop x Pinterest.

The Conran Shop took the shopping experience to a whole new level at their Michelin House store in London’s Chelsea. They created a window installation at the store, which was adorned with replicas of their Pinterest boards, including 1600 life-size Pins.

They also made great use of printed Pincodes that took people to specific boards or Pins. This way, they created a custom API experience that allowed people to save their favourite products by simply tapping on their phones.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign helped the Conran Shop increase its audience reach to 1.2 million people on Pinterest alone. Of these, 54% are millennials. There has been an increase of 11% in their monthly engaged audience and their monthly viewers have also grown by 12%.

Moreover, the Conran Shop saw an increase in its foot traffic with a few different metrics like social media mentions, launch party attendance, and Pinterest saves.

2. B&Q

B&Q, UK’s leading garden living retailer, wanted to diversify the range of platforms that they were using for performance marketing.

Their Objectives

B&Q’s primary objective was to drive sales, with return on ad spend (ROAS) chosen as the key performance indicator (KPI).

Approach & Solution

B&Q decided to join hands with Pinterest for the campaign for a number of reasons. B&Q’s Media Agency, Merkle, wanted to try Shopping Ads on Pinterest as they were using a similar strategy on other platforms. It was because Merkle was aware that Shopping Ads make Pinners 5.5X more likely to convert.

Moreover, before running Shopping Ads, B&Q had only run CPM campaigns. Thus, Pinterest allowed B&Q to test a strong lower-funnel strategy.

B&Q’s Pinterest campaign was centred around product Rich Pins, which were created from B&Q’s product feed dynamically. The strategy was a combination of prospecting and remarketing shopping campaigns that used oCPM bidding, thereby allowing B&Q to connect with Pinners who might have an interest in home decor products.

Instead of focusing on immediate results, B&Q wanted the campaign to create a long-term impact. So, they focused on small pockets of success before optimizing their campaign. Also, instead of seeing Shopping Ads as a one-time experiment, they decided to implement it for an extended period and their go-to strategy.

The Result

As Merkle continued optimizing the campaign, B&Q achieved an increased ROAS month after month, with the account’s ROAS improving by almost 7X since launch. Also, the decision to shift from a CPC campaign to oCPM bidding resulted in an increased ROAS of 2X.

Moreover, B&Q registered a 40% growth in ROAS through their launch of dynamic retargeting. Also, the Pinterest shopping campaigns drove 12,000 checkouts during a period of 6 months.

3. Clem Around the Corner

Paris-based home-decor blog, Clem Around the Corner, wanted to reach more readers by sharing their ideas and solutions with their audience exactly when they needed it.

Their Objectives

Clem Around the Corner wanted to increase traffic to their blog and drive people to visit more pages on their site and spend more time on them.

Approach & Solution

Pinners in France pin 12 million home decor ideas every month. Also, 85% of home decor shoppers surf through Pinterest for new ideas and fresh perspectives. So, it wasn’t surprising that Clem Around the Corner sought to partner with Pinterest.

Clem’s team had a three-pronged approach in mind to drive awareness around their blog, which included-

  • Sharing content on Pinterest every day.

  • Aligning their content closely to trends on the platform.

  • Creating visuals that specifically catered Pinterest.

While publishing their content daily on Pinterest became the norm for the blog, the addition of the Save Button to their site content further drove their readers to save the content to their boards. It subsequently resulted in enhanced visibility for Clem’s content.

The team also spent about an hour on Pinterest every morning to create a few high-quality Pins to promote the blog content and consequently aligning their content with the latest trends on Pinterest. They also included keywords and hashtags in their pin descriptions to help people find their content. Also, they experimented with Overlay text to give readers a context for what each Pin is focusing on.

The team kept searching for new ideas and kept an eye on what’s trending. After they had followed this strategy for a couple of years, Clem Around The Corner started noticing that Pins from previous years came back around and became popular again, without requiring the team to put in any additional efforts.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign has been driving almost 100% of Clem Around The Corner’s social referral traffic. They get more than 2,000 of their readers from Pinterest every day, and about 10 million monthly visitors on their Pinterest profile on an average.

So, How Do You Plan to Rake Up Awareness Around Your Brand?

Well, for starters, try thinking of creative ways that fit your budget. You can add Pincodes on branded paper like the Conran Shop to reach your target audience both online and offline. Or, you can try reaching the shoppers at every stage of their journey through a combination of prospecting and remarketing campaigns like B&Q. Whatever you do, just make sure that your strategy is in line with the size and nature of your business.



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