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3 Outstanding Telecommunication Facebook Ad Campaigns You Must Know About

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has badly affected every industry of the world. While all other industries are struggling to sustain their business, Telecom has emerged as the industry that is less affected by the pandemic. The core reason behind this is the boosted user activity on the web.

As per a global survey, it has been reported that around 45% of the users spent more time on social media and messaging services. Moreover, there has been a significant boost in the viewership of streaming services too.

All these stats pose a great opportunity to Telecom businesses for harnessing the power of online ads right now. Here are a few examples that will motivate you to build your own ad campaign.

Check Out These Three Inspirational Telecommunication Facebook Ad Campaigns

Net1 Indonesia

Run Time

November 2019 – February 2020

Target Region and Audience

Indonesia, All Age Groups


By utilizing WhatsApp as a customer service channel, Net1 Indonesia doubled their agent productivity within three months. Moreover, it also reduced the monthly operational costs by 35%.


As the results delivered by agents in servicing user requests via a telephone hotline were inefficient, the firm began looking for a new way to reduce operational costs and boost agent productivity.


The rising popularity of WhatsApp among the Indonesian people posed a great opportunity for Net1 Indonesia to leverage its use for entertaining consumer’s service requests.

Net1, in collaboration with a famous communications technology provider Kokatto, utilized WhatsApp as its official customer service channel. Besides, eight professionals were trained to serve the customers.

Using Kokatto’s support, Net1 swiftly launched its WhatsApp service and produced a promotional video to reach out to the audiences.

The promotional video was spread among the masses via its official website, Emails, SMS’s, and Facebook Advertisements. The ads displayed several benefits of dealing with customer queries through WhatsApp.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

Net1 Indonesia insightfully strategized its plan to first incorporate WhatsApp as its official request platform and then outspread the plan’s awareness to customers through Facebook Ads and other marketing ways.

The Facebook ads that were run for the customers highlighted the benefits of switching to WhatsApp. Using the platform, customers could easily access:

● Queries about products.

● Information for their user accounts.

● Questions about special packages.

● Checking for the coverage areas of the network.

WhatsApp provided an easy and affordable option to the customers as they no longer had to purchase and spend cellular airtime for making calls to customer service.

Did they Succeed?

The ad campaign turned out to be highly profitable, both for customers and Net1 Indonesia. The following pointers depict the campaign results:

  • An enhancement of 6.6X more customer service tickets handled through WhatsApp.

  • 2X increase in productivity of the agents.

  • Reduction of monthly operational costs by 35%.

  • An increase of 80% WhatsApp customer conversations.

Products Used:

WhatsApp Business API, Facebook Ads, Emails, and SMS.


Run Time

April to June 2019

Target Region and Audience

The Philippines, Ages Above 20


The three-month ad campaign of Globe was a sure shot strategized plan that helped them increase leads for its services by three times.


Globe aspired to boost its broadband service sales by generating new leads. For this, they developed a bot for Facebook Messenger that could effortlessly deal and transact with the customers.


To extend its customer network, Globe roped in Innovantage (a Facebook Marketing Partner) to built a bot that could seamlessly interact with customers and guide them through the various plans and queries of Globe’s services.

Globe specifically created several advertisements that featured the usage of bots to get an easy broadband connection in three simple steps. These ads were targeted to people having an age of twenty or above that were living in the serviceable areas of the Globe network.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

Globe did a tremendous job of turning leads into customers for their broadband services using the Facebook ad campaigns.

They started by building a bot for the Facebook messenger that could provide information about their services to the customer.

Then using Facebook ads, they advertised this new method to increase awareness among the people looking for broadband services.

To further nudge the users, a CTA was available during the entire ad that took the users to the Messenger, where chatbot interacted and presented various services options that customers could know and opt for.

Did they Succeed?

Globe achieved remarkable success through the Facebook ad campaign and gathered some significantly impressive results such as:

  • A 3X increase in its leads

  • 10X growth in chat engagements

  • 50% lower acquisition cost

Products Used:

Facebook Messenger, Facebook Advertisements, Video Ads, Facebook Marketing Partners

U Mobile

Run Time

September – October 2018

Target Region and Audience

Malaysia, Ages Between 18 - 44


U Mobile Facebook Ad Campaign was a milestone success that led them to enjoy an overall 7 point lift in its ad recall.


The goal of U Mobile was straightforward. They wanted to promote their unlimited data plan and raise brand awareness in a cost-effective manner.


U Mobile leveraged social media platforms to achieve this goal. They formulated a series of fun and appealing photo and video advertisements in a carousel format that highlighted its “Giler Unlimited” plan.

The short advertisements were optimized for smartphones and featured customized messages and animations for music lovers, gamers, and video viewers.

To further enhance the impact of their advertisements, U Mobile used automatic placements and budget optimization that prioritized the viewing of ads according to a distinct set of audiences.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

U Mobile handled its marketing campaign in a seamless way that assured smooth transition of customers from awareness to conversion phase.

To entice the customers to opt for its unlimited data plan, U Mobile launched a series of creative advertisements showcasing the multiple benefits that users could get by turning to their postpaid plan.

The campaign was specifically targeted to the Malaysian audience aged between 18–44 as they held the highest usage rate of the mobile services in Malaysia.

Moreover, U Mobile added multiple CTAs at the bottom of the advertisement screen that redirected the users to the buying page of U Mobile services.

Did they Succeed?

This cost-effective method to advertise their unlimited data plan and raise brand awareness got an extraordinary response from the viewers and resulted in:

  • 7-point lift in ad recall

  • 2-point lift in message association

  • An increase of 1.8X in tapping the markets of Malaysia

Products Used:

Carousel, Photo ads, Video ads, Facebook’s Campaign Budget Optimization, Automatic Placements, Facebook Advertisements

Wish to Succeed Like These Telecom Brands?

Getting motivated by these campaign stories is essential. However, more important is to first study and analyze the needs of your audience. Your ad campaign can only turn out to be a big success when you deliver more user benefits, along with including innovative approaches for your campaign.


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