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3 Small Businesses That Turned the Tables with Their Snapchat Campaigns

Small and medium-sized enterprises represent about 90% of the businesses and generate over 50% of the employment globally. Also, they contribute almost 40% of national income and 70% of jobs in emerging economies. Therefore, the competition amongst small businesses is always at an all-time high.

Therefore, to emerge as a leading force in such cut-throat competition, small businesses need to come up with extraordinary marketing ideas that can make their brands a household name. Luckily, they can always seek some inspiration from successful SMEs, including the following three small businesses that used Snapchat to deliver excellent marketing campaigns.

1. Zenni

Zenni is a stylish and affordable optical brand that wanted to provide its customers with an immersive shopping experience through its catalog-powered Shopping Lenses technology.

Their Objective

Zenni wanted to reach its 18+ audience to help Snapchat users try its accurately-sized eyeglasses virtually.

Solution & Approach

Zenni used a broad, multiproduct approach to target Snapchat users over the age of 18 to drive incremental reach and purchases. It leveraged separate ad sets for its male and female audiences. The campaign focused on Lenses built using Catalog-powered Shopping Lenses technology while using Snap Ads, Story Ads, Collection Ads, and Commercials.

Zenni created two Lenses to run on the Lens Carousel. While the first one showed off four pairs of eyeglasses, the second Lense featured four pairs of sunglasses. It efficiently targeted members of the Snapchat community by making use of goal-based bidding for Pixel purchases as an optimization tool. This way, Zenni managed to reach more Snapchat users, thereby, driving more engagement.

The Result

The Snapchat campaign resulted in a 42% higher ROAS for Zenni and a 146% higher share rate than usual. Also, their Lenses reached over 60 million total try-on.

2. Grin Gaming

Grin Gaming is an online gaming and streaming prediction platform that allows members to watch live sports games and esports matches, predict game results, and win cash prizes.

Their Objective

Grin Gaming wanted to grow its user base during the 2020 holiday season by deepening its connection with millennials and Gen Z users in the U.S. as online games and streaming became increasingly popular in the U.S.

Solution & Approach

Grin Gaming saw an opportunity to utilize mobile ads for the acquisition of new accounts and to re-engage existing users to participate in live events and highly anticipated games with the return of live sports in late 2020. It increased ad engagement and drove users to its website by building a full-funnel marketing strategy, employing Snapchat’s targeting features, and using ad creative that showed its value proposition.

Grin Gaming used the Snap Pixel to track Snapchat users’ actions on its website. It further leveraged this data to retarget people who were already using the platform through Snapchat’s Custom Audiences. Also, Snapchat’s goal-based bidding helped Grin Gaming optimize the delivery of its ads to reach people on Snapchat who were most likely to participate in live events and make predictions on its platform.

The Result

Grin Gaming’s Snapchat campaign performed extraordinarily well and lowered its CPA by 53% and cost per swipe by 30%. Also, it helped it achieve a 35% lower cost per contest entry compared to the 24 days leading up to the campaign.

3. Rock ‘Em Socks

Rock ‘Em Socks is a sock company based in the U.S. that offers its customers more than 10,000 sock designs and custom socks.

Their Objective

Rock ‘Em Socks sought to showcase its massive catalog of sock designs in new and creative ways, so it turned to Snapchat.

Solution & Approach

Rock ‘Em Socks started advertising with Story Ads to introduce users to its brand and wide product offerings. It introduced new and relevant designs and timely sock themes to users in a non-intrusive way, thereby, boosting their in-app experience. The sock company quickly identified audiences that demonstrated positive engagement with its ads, while boosting site traffic and product views.

Rock ‘Em Socks also used split testing to identify winning creative approaches that synced the most with their target audience, thereby, resulting in positive results for their conversion-driven campaigns.

The Result

Rock ‘Em Socks’ Snapchat campaign turned out to be exceptionally successful and saw the sock brand register a 5.5X increase in Nickelodeon Sales and a 40% increase in ROAS for its Mandalorian campaign when compared to other platforms.

Wrapping Up

Snapchat has proved that if your content appeals to your target audience, then it single-handedly enhances the chances of long-lasting engagement. With Snapchat users frequenting the app 18 times a day on average and spending at least 30 minutes on it, brands across different verticals have a great opportunity to penetrate a young audience. All you need is quality content and a solid strategy to push it out.


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