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3 Small-Scale Enterprises that Made Big Gains with Pinterest

Small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) make up for 90% of global businesses and account for over 50% of employment across the world. 543,000 new businesses are founded every month in the US alone.

It’s clear that the SME market is excessively crowded. Also, the presence of big brands often makes it difficult for small businesses to register their presence on a local or global stage.

Therefore, small business owners need to come up with unique ideas and marketing campaigns to make their mark in a marketplace that is so cluttered and highly challenging. Today there are various platforms that businesses can use to highlight their products, as was done by these three small-time brands that chose to team up with Pinterest to amp up their brand awareness.

1. BlendJet

Portable blender BlendJet wanted to ramp up their marketing campaign and expand their online presence on multiple platforms.

Their Objectives

BlendJet wanted to demonstrate the design and versatility of their product and boost its brand awareness in the process.

Approach & Solution

Since Pinterest is a highly sought out platform for watching videos, where Pinners are two times more likely to purchase a product, BlendJet decided to team up with the platform.

BlendJet used Promoted Video Pins to showcase the functionality of its portable blender. They leveraged Pinterest ads with photos, which complemented these videos and offered ideas on all the different places where customers could take and use BlendJet portable blenders.

While they wanted to reach and cater to the U.S. women in the 25-54 age group, they have now moved into more English-speaking countries. Moreover, they have included blender and recipe keyword targeting, along with retargeting, where they reach out to people who have engaged with their Pins or visited their site.

The Result

The Pinterest campaign was immensely successful for BlendJet, which now sells one portable blender every minute. Their ongoing Pinterest campaigns have delivered an 8x return on their ad spend and 2x sales, compared to other platforms where their campaigns are active.

Pinterest is the second biggest source of visitors to BlendJet’s website and accounts for similar traffic volume as other platforms for a fraction of the cost.

2. LitJoy Crate

Monthly book-box subscription platform, LitJoy Crate, was looking to expand its subscriber base and reach out to passionate readers.

Their Objectives

LitJoy Crate wanted to amplify its brand awareness amongst women between the age of 20 and 35 and familiarize them with the fandoms of Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Hunger Games. By doing so, they sought to boost the traffic to their site and encourage people to subscribe for a cost per acquisition (CPA) of less than $10.

Approach & Solution

LitJoy Crate used Promoted Pins featuring an open crate with artfully arranged contents,

stacks of books, and collages of closed boxes with a featured book.

They included messages like “Enjoy a new book every month with LitJoy Crate”, “Meet your new favourite book”, and “Receive the Joy of reading every month!”. They also deployed several Pins that touted a nomination for the “best book box subscription”.

To reach out to their target audience, LitJoy Crate targeted different devices and included keywords like “read more books”, “best subscription boxes”, “book stuff”, and book ideas”.

The Result

LitJoy Crate blew right past their campaign goal of less than $10 CPA, which averages around $3-$5 per new customer. In fact, their Pinterest CPA is 70% lower than their average CPA across all marketing channels.

The campaign was so successful for LitJoy Crate that the traffic from Pinterest and the subsequent subscriptions led to LitJoy Crate selling out their monthly box weeks before they usually do. They also ended up diverting their marketing budget for other platforms to invest more on Pinterest.

3. Wpromote

Full-service digital marketing agency Wpromote wanted to expand its reach to potential clients at a lower cost per action.

Their Objectives

By increasing their reach amongst prospective clients, they wanted to boost their brand awareness, thereby driving their customer acquisition.

Approach & Solution

Wpromote decided to team up with Pinterest as their existing clients had commended the way Pinterest was used by people to purchase products and not merely scroll through their content.

Wpromote worked with a Pinterest team to advertise on the platform. Wpromote’s in-house team took care of the creative processes. As each campaign progressed, Pinterest experts provided Wpromote with insights on daily optimization strategies and advised them on which keywords to exclude to improve efficiency.

Wpromote also carried out extensive tests to figure out what their clients preferred the most, ranging from keywords to images. These tests revealed that Promoted Pins worked best if they had a strong and compelling call to action.

The Result

The Pinterest campaigns have helped Wpromote’s clients boost their reach at a 40% lower CPA and 26% lower cost per thousand (CPM) than the paid channels.

Bottom Line

Taking advantage of videos with Pinterest ads and following Pinterest’s creative best practices to dish out beautiful and product-centric videos can be a great way of boosting the client’s familiarity with a brand. Also, brands should consider using subtitles in these videos. Including a strong call to action is another sure-shot way of driving sales.

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