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3 Telecom Brands That Carried Out Amazing Snapchat Campaigns

The global telecom industry was valued at $1,657.7 billion in 2020 and is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% between 2021-28. The increased spending on the deployment of 5G infrastructures due to the shift in customer inclination toward next-generation technologies and smartphone devices is one of the major reasons that is driving growth in this industry.

However, benefiting from this boom would require telecom companies to come up with excellent marketing strategies and execute them on relevant marketing channels available today. In today’s cut-throat competition, they also need to back their strategy with solid content just like these three brands did with their Snapchat campaigns.


VOXI is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that is powered and run by Vodafone.

Their Objective

VOXI sought to drive its brand awareness amongst Snapchat users and its USP of ‘Endless Social Media’ while maximizing reach among its target audience of people in the age group of 16-30 years.

Approach & Solution

VOXI teamed up with creative agency Ogilvy to create platform-specific video content. The agency ensured that the message of ‘Endless Social Media’ consistently appeared throughout the campaign. The creative also leaned on internet culture to consider the target audience.

Snap Ads were also used along with the commercials to drive the reach of the target audience by finding users in different parts of the Snapchat app. To measure the efficacy of the campaign, Multi-Cell brand Lift Study was used. While Cell 1 included Commercials and Snap Ads, cell 2 only included Commercials.

The Result

The Snapchat campaign performed way better than VOXI’s expectations, leading to a +9point lift in brand awareness, +30 point lift in ad awareness, and +16 point lift in message association for ‘Endless Social Media’.

Also, the inclusion of Snap Ads along with Commercials led to an incremental reach of 22% over Commercials. Moreover, the multi-placement cell found out that while the average CPM in Cell 1 was £3.20 CPM, it was £5.96 CPM for cell 2, which only featured Commercials.

2. Zain KSA

Zain is a leading mobile voice and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 7 Middle Eastern and African countries with a workforce of over 7,500.

Their Objective

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown everywhere, including Saudi Arabia, Zain wanted a platform that could help it quickly demonstrate its product superiority in 5G in Saudi Arabia.

Approach & Solution

Since Snapchat has a high penetration rate in Saudi Arabia and is incredibly popular, it was the ideal choice for Zain.

Zain then designed a product package that could help it deliver this objective and directly rival top offline media in Saudi Arabia. The package included a Platform burst for 3 days, a national lens, and an Audience lens for 4 days.

The Result

The success of Zain’s Snapchat campaign can be gauged from the fact that it reached 10.M unique users in only 4 days. Also, its daily 5G leads were boosted by 270%.

3. Motorola

Motorola is an American consumer electronics and telecom company that primarily manufactures smartphones and other mobile devices running on the Android operating system developed by Google.

Their Objective

Motorola wanted to increase awareness and consideration for the latest addition to their moto g7 series smartphones, the moto g7 power.

Approach & Solution

Motorola’s g7 series comes with an impressive battery that can last up to 3 days without charging. Therefore, they thought of drawing people’s attention toward this attribute.

Motorola deployed a well-diversified mix of Snap Ads with strong branding paired with Story Ads that showed consumers how they could benefit from Motorola’s long-lasting battery life. The Snap Ads bid on Swipes while the Story Ads bid on opens.

The Result

Motorola’s Snapchat campaign was a major success and led to a +4pt lift in its product awareness and +8pt lift in ad awareness. Also, its ad awareness when exposed to multiple products lifted by +9pts. There was also a +3 pts lift in consideration intent for Motorola g7.

Bottom Line

Over the years, Snapchat has emerged as a highly effective marketing medium. For brands that seek to showcase their product through visual content, Snapchat can be the ideal marketing tool. However, the right content backed by a solid strategy is key to success on any platform, including Snapchat.


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