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3 Twitter Campaigns by B2B Brands That Impressed All Marketing Enthusiasts

The global B2B trade was $34.4 billion in 2018. That figure is further expected to go as high as $40.1 billion by the end of 2023, with the U.S accounting for almost 46% of the global market.

Despite the economic slump triggered by the pandemic, the B2B industry is still expected to grow rapidly over the next five years. But the sheer competition in the industry due to the presence of hundreds and thousands of B2B brands makes it challenging for them to cement their position at the top.

However, with the right planning and well-thought-out strategy, brands can still make the most of the marketing channels available to them, just like these brands did by leveraging the endless potential of Twitter.

1. MilkPEP

MilkPEP wanted to connect with sports fans and reposition milk as an ideal recovery drink for athletes.

Their Objective

By repositioning milk as an ideal recovery drink, MilkPEP sought to brand itself as the premium milk brand and boost its brand awareness across the sports community- from fans to players.

Approach & Strategy

Since MilkPEP knew that sports fans spent more time on Twitter than on different competitor platforms during three of the major events of 2020, they saw Twitter as the ideal place to present their case.

MilkPEP knew that sporting events lead to the most passionate sports conversations on Twitter and NBA playoffs would be the ideal event for this. So, they tried to leverage this as a way to connect with their fans during the tournament leading up to the NBA Finals asking athletes if they #GotMilk.

MilkPEP used Twitter’s Promoted Trend Takeover to kick off its campaign during the NBA Playoffs by appearing prominently as a headline on the Explore tab. Since Twitter is the most sought out place for fans to consume content on Playoffs, MilkPEP turned to Twitter Amplify Sponsorships. MilkPEP ran contextually aligned content as pre-roll before the NBA’s Playoff coverage on the official NBA Twitter handle, which helped them make the most of its campaign spending.

By keeping the awareness campaign going all through the campaign, MilkPEP turned NBA fans into its fans. They also continued expanding their sports drink messaging with Promoted Tweets or Tweets targeting sports fans on Twitter.

The Result

The Twitter campaign performed exceptionally well for MilkPEP. By reminding fans that milk is the OG sports drink, the #GotMilk campaign drove awareness around its new messaging with 81.4M Trend takeover impressions and a 29% higher Video View Rate for Twitter.

2. Capcom

Capcom sought to drive awareness about its new, nostalgia-packed Street Fighter 20th Anniversary Collection launch.

Their Objective

By driving awareness around the event, Capcom sought to boost its own brand awareness and subsequently increase the purchase consideration for its brand.

Approach & Strategy

Since 79% of the people on Twitter follow different brands, Capcom knew that it can reach its fans on the platform.

To further reach out to gamers specifically, Capcom used behavioral and keyword targeting to ensure that it was talking to the right audience. It partnered with Twitter to apply the best creative practices to its Promoted Tweets and Videos. It kept its audience fully engaged by deploying more than 20 unique Tweets advertising Street Fighter’s 30th Anniversary message, thereby minimizing the risk of ad fatigue.

It also used best practices like branding front and center images within the first three seconds of the video ads. Its videos were such that they could be understood without sound, which is critical for reaching people who quickly scroll through their timelines. The Tweet copy was also clear and concise, which explained the product and stated the release date in the least number of words possible.

The Result

The Twitter campaign delivered phenomenal results for Capcom as it led to a more than 40pp increase in its brand awareness, more than 13pp lift in preference, and a more than 51pp boom in the recall. The success of their Twitter campaign inspired them to continue using Twitter as an essential part of their marketing strategy.

3. Salesforce

In the post-pandemic world, where everyone is rethinking how to interact and stay connected, Salesforce created a new weekly content series, #LeadingThroughChange, which sought to bring together different brands on Twitter for education, entertainment, and thought leadership.

Their Objective

Through the promotion of #LeadingThroughChange, Salesforce wanted to drive its brand awareness and establish itself as a brand that actually cares for its consumers.

Approach & Strategy

In order to create the buzz around its content series and drive viewership ahead of its new episodes, Salesforce ran Reminder Cards so that people had the option to opt in and receive notifications when the live streaming began.

Salesforce also spread the word by using their partnerships to promote Tweets from people who encouraged talent and urged people to check out their new episodes. Once the event was over, Salesforce kept the conversation going by highlighting quotes and sharing ways for people to rewatch across its suite of B2B brands.

Moreover, to present themselves as a people-centric brand, Salesforce used the series to support people in need by collaborating with the nonprofit World Central Kitchen. They teamed up to enable text donations to the group to prepare and deliver food to underserved communities. Salesforce’s own executives also joined in to ask people to take action.

The Result

The content series was a huge hit amongst the viewers and raked in around 30 million views on Twitter. Also, there has been a 43% increase in the branded conversation since the launch of the series and 100k mentions of Salesforce in a two-week period.

Wrapping Up

Twitter is an ideal platform for letting your customers know what your brand stands for. With its various features like Reminder Cards and Promoted Tweets and Videos, you can drive user engagement with your brand, boosting awareness and conversions at the same time. All you need is a solid strategy in place and a plan to execute it the way you want to.


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