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4 Instant Message Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Highlights––A new Juniper Research study, according to principal analyst Scarlet Woodford, has found that by 2027, the global mobile business message value is expected to reach $78 billion–––from $48 billion in 2022.

As another year begins, the trends are once again changing. Expectations for instant satisfaction have compelled marketers to act more promptly and stand out more. Plus, our desire to get what we want, when we want it, has been reinforced by the advent of speedy deliveries and instantaneous smartphone shopping.

By now, businesses have discovered that instant message marketing is the best method to give customers the mood boost they're searching for. And now that more companies are texting, we should expect intelligent marketers to adjust their plans by leveraging automation, brand marketing, and customization.

So, even though we can't accurately foretell the future, we are still convinced that these instant messaging marketing trends will be significant in 2023.

1. Increased Desire for Customizable Message Marketing

As text message marketing gains popularity, businesses need to discover strategies to stand out in inboxes. In order to achieve this, personalization is a possible solution. When text messages seem tailored for the recipient, customers are more inclined to interact with them.

Making SMS messages specifically for each of your clients can help them feel appreciated and heard. This could entail delivering a text message to a client on their birthdate, mentioning their name in the text, or providing a discount for their favorite merchandise.

2. 10-Digit Long Codes Will Rule

Local phone numbers with 10-digit long codes, commonly known as 10DLCs, are ideal for text marketing because they let companies send messages on a large scale while ensuring a personalized feel.

Since they appear to be a regional phone number from the contact's territory rather than a short code or toll-free number, they're ideal for gaining clients' confidence.

Local numbers are also more dependable since carriers are less likely to block them. Customers are also more inclined to believe and remember them since they resemble regular phone numbers (as opposed to toll-free numbers that begin with 1-800).

3. New Regulations Will Prevent Spam Through SMS

Nobody appreciates receiving unwanted or spam texts by nature. The good news is that you can stop receiving unsolicited messages in 2023. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has put up new rules requiring mobile wireless carriers to prohibit SMS messages coming from fraudulent, unclaimed, or inactive numbers, as well as from numbers on a DNO (Do-Not-Originate) listing, at the system level.

All parties will benefit from eliminating spam SMS messages prompted by these regulations. The restrictions enable SMS to develop into a reliable and secure marketing tool for companies, and consumers can trust the texts they receive.

4. Greater Role of SMS in Omnichannel Marketing

The concept of leveraging numerous channels to contact your consumers is known as omnichannel marketing. And instant message marketing will be a crucial component of just about every multichannel marketing approach in 2023.

Irrespective of the platform, omnichannel marketing enables firms to reach clients where they are and offer a seamless user experience.

Therefore, you may send a text message to a consumer who begins their shopping adventure on your website but doesn't finish it to remind them of the items they have in their basket. That is one of the many benefits of incorporating an SMS service into your online store.

Final Thoughts

For small to medium-sized companies, instant message marketing is expected to be a vital channel in 2023.

Switching communication efforts to SMS in 2023 is a great strategy to stretch your marketing budget because customers are 4.5 times more likely to reply to a text message than a marketing email.

All of this means that you should start messaging your clients right away if you haven't already. Unsurprisingly, it's a fantastic approach to boost revenue, develop one-on-one relationships with clients, and encourage people to buy.

So, if you want to stay in the game, make sure you're keeping up with the latest trends.


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