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5 Affiliate Marketing Tools that Marketers Should Know About

The affiliate marketing industry is well on its way to generating an annual revenue of $7 billion in five years. The rapid growth in industrialization and the reduction in dependency on brick and mortar stores have given a significant boost to affiliate marketing.

As lucrative as this industry might seem from the outside, the competition is immense with affiliate marketers having to struggle against mega-corporations and their teams funded by venture bonds.

Survival in this global competition and standing out from the crowd as a pro affiliate marketer would require you to have a reliable set of marketing tools.

So, here are 5 solid affiliate marketing tools that can help you understand the market, get more traffic, convert potential customers, and win the war of revenue commissions.

1. CJ Affiliate

Affiliate marketing begins with building relationships with different third-party providers of high-quality products and services. To that end, Conversant’s CJ Affiliate, which was formerly known as Commission Junction, can be an excellent tool for building affiliate partnerships.

All CJ Affiliate offers are based on cost-per-action (CPA), which means that the publishers get paid only if the users turn into a customer, subscriber, or lead. CJ Affiliate stands at the forefront of global affiliate marketing networks that specialize in pay-for-performance programs. You can use it to connect with stores and reach hundreds and thousands of consumers every day.

CJ Affiliate can provide you with a gateway to start your affiliate business in your preferred niche and build beneficial relationships with third parties. Most of these programs would offer easy options to earn through CPA- all you need to do is copy and paste your unique code to start earning.

2. VigLink

VigLink is another mind-blowing affiliate marketing tool that takes all of the legwork out of signing up for affiliate programs and adding affiliate links. VigLink finds merchant affiliate programs to add to the VigLink network and provides you with automatic access to all the affiliate programs after they have been signed up for.

While almost every affiliate program will require you to manually create affiliate links to add to your site, VigLink doesn’t require you to create manual affiliate links. Instead, you can simply add the VigLink code to the header/footer portion of your site and the VigLink automation would kick in.

VigLink scouts and scans through each of your website pages and upon finding any URLs for the companies associated with the VigLink affiliate network convert the URL to a VigLink affiliate URL. It also finds special keywords including company name, location, activities, and other words that might link to affiliate partners on the VigLink network.

Thus, VigLink ensures that your pages automatically have the affiliate links that are there on your page without any work, thereby saving much of your time, which you can use to create content. It will create affiliate links for pages that you didn’t even know had affiliate programs for.

3. Rakuten Affiliate Network

If you are an affiliate marketer who possesses the know-how to customize the tech yourself, you are in for a real treat with Rakuten. But don’t worry; Rakuten can also come in handy for placing ads and banners in a simple way.

While it offers free and easy signup, it also provides you with more than 1,000 merchants to choose from with some of the top names and household brands. Once you’re approved by every individual advertiser, you can easily create ad units by merely selecting the kind of ad you like.

You can also add rotating banners with a specific line of code that automatically rotates the ad units. Also, you can see reports about the performance of each ad in the rotating banner, which makes it easy to test ad units and find the ones that perform the best.

Backed by a user-friendly dashboard that has all the information in one place, Rakuten makes it immensely easy to navigate. Moreover, it features 25 different currencies, which makes worldwide payouts possible.

4. Flippa

Flippa is an online marketplace where you can sell or purchase websites for a profit. If you want to skip the process of creating an affiliate marketing site from scratch, you should try Flippa where you can find a readymade site within your niche with a solid track record.

Not only does Flipa provide you with a chance to bid on an affiliate site, but also allows you to purchase affiliate-based sites that enjoy a solid backlink profile. All you need to do is run a complete backlink audit before you purchase a domain to ensure that the domain isn’t inflated with black-hat SEO practices.

Backed by an excellent customer support service and some mind-blowing features like Flippa Escrow, Flippa can be a great choice for people who wish to enter the online marketplace with little hustle.

5. Traffic Ivy

If you are an affiliate marketer, you’d naturally require substantial traffic to your pages so that you can add more members to your network. To that end, Traffic Ivy is a truly unique traffic generation tool that consists of like-minded marketers, whose collective purpose is to get everyone in the group more traffic.

You can use Traffic Ivy to drive traffic to your site and get blogs that cover various categories. Also, you can upload videos to several active YouTube accounts for targeted traffic back to your sites.

Traffic Ivy also allows you to post your content on thousands of active social media accounts on all major social media platforms. This way, you can boost the chances of your content going viral with multiple people sharing your content on several social media accounts.

But the coolest part about Traffic Ivy is that it includes a rating system, which is contributed by everyone in the community. This ensures that you receive only the highest quality traffic to your sites.

Wrapping Up

Being successful in affiliate marketing depends on various factors from your creativity to the way you approach the marketplace. However, using the right affiliate marketing tools can make a significant difference to your success possibility. Avoid silly mistakes, leverage the tools listed above, and keep exploring new affiliate marketing tools to understand which one has the potential to deliver the highest earnings for you.


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