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5 Amazing Father’s Day 2023 Commercials That Will Stir Your Heart and Soul

Father’s Day is just a couple of days away. Over the last few weeks, we have covered some of the best Father’s Day commercials- from hilarious to absolute tear-jerkers. So, with brands already beginning to dish out their creativity in full swing via their Father’s Day adverts, we thought it would be best to bring to you some of the best Father’s Day ad campaigns from this year. After all, we don’t want to be late to the party!

So, here we are with 5 awesome Father’s Day 2023 commercials that will make you feel indebted to your dad for life!

1. Publix

From teaching their kids how to cycle to nursing their wounds, our fathers do a lot that helps shape our personalities later in life. This Publix ad pays tribute to fathers who have had a significant role in their children’s lives.

This heartwarming commercial showcases multiple fathers enjoying their time with their kids while also imparting valuable life lessons to them. From tackling challenges that life throws at us to getting back on our feet when we’re down, our fathers have a huge role in helping us be the person that we’re today.

Forget a day, these fellows deserve an entire year dedicated to them, including our mothers!

2. Servis Tyres

Be honest while answering this please- have you ever felt that your dad is too dumb for this world? Well, the kid in this ad surely feels so about his father!

The kid in this ad gets mad at his father for following traffic rules like not jumping the traffic light, taking long U-turns instead of just coming from the wrong side, and waiting for him to be 18 years old before allowing him to ride a bike. Honestly, the kid seems a bit stupid because that’s what all law-abiding citizens are expected to do- follow rules!

But that’s beside the point. The thing that really matters is that the father in the ad can break the rules and possibly even get away with it, but he still abides by those to set an example for his son. By keeping in line with the rules and bearing the hassles that come along with it, the father ensures that his son turns out to be a good citizen and stays out of trouble.

While good education might secure your kid’s career, it’s small acts like these that will truly secure their future.

3. Budweiser

Our parents are usually our first teachers and sometimes their teachings help people make their careers out of it. At least, that’s what happened in the case of Ken Griffey Jr.

The ad showcases Griffey Jr. telling the world how his father taught him everything- from baseball to life rules. He credits his father for teaching him how to pick himself up when he was down. But most importantly, he credits his father for believing in him; having someone believe in you is often the only difference between success and failure.

Now that calls for a beer together, doesn’t it? Watch this ad to see a couple of buds growing wiser😉

4. Edelweiss Mutual Fund

Fathers are the ultimate epitome of self-respect and dignity. This ad by Edelweiss Mutual Fund seeks to reinforce that belief!

The ad shows a man about to leave his father’s home along with his wife and young son after probably paying the old man a visit. As is the custom in most Indian families, the elders usually gift a small amount to young children as a kind of parting gift. But upon realizing that his old, retired father might not be able to gift his grandson any amount, the man offers his father some money. But the grandfather, who’s probably been investing in mutual funds, politely declines his son’s offer and gives his grandson some money out of his pocket. If dignity had a face, it might look like the grandfather!

While there’d have been nothing wrong even if the old man had accepted money from his son, the whole idea of the ad was to make old fathers financially independent. I believe that’s the biggest gift you could give to someone who’s forever led a dignified life.

5. IKEA Philippines

Throughout our coverage of Father’s Day ads over the last few weeks, we have often seen fathers stepping up and filling in the shoes of biological fathers in their absence. And this IKEA ad is no different.

The ad shows a woman introducing her son to her boyfriend, who she hopes to marry. But it appears that despite her boyfriend’s best efforts to strike a rapport with her son, things aren’t exactly looking up for the boyfriend. As it turns out, the poor boy is solely concerned about whether her mother would still be there for him if she got married to her boyfriend. A little love and some assurance is all that was needed to assuage his fears❤️

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best Father’s Day 2023 ads. Fathers are those guiding lights that show us the right way. They are ordinary men whose love for their children often turns them into heroes, adventurers, and storytellers. And boy, they’re amazing at it, at least for their children!

So, on that note, we’ll bid you adieu for the week. We shall be back next week, hopefully with some more awesome Father’s Day commercials.


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