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5 Amazing Holi 2024 Ads That Celebrated The Importance of Family And Safe Revelries

Holi is here and so are the endless colorful and fun-filled celebrations that follow this vibrant festival. And do you know what else is here? You got it right- Holi 2024 ads! With a population of over 1.4 billion people, India accounts for a huge percentage of the global market for almost every brand out there. So, it makes sense for brands to be at the top of their marketing game when it comes to crafting effective Holi ad campaigns. And they got that right too.

So, here we are with 5 wonderful Holi 2024 ads that revolve around family joy and highlight the significance of safe celebrations.

1. Smart Bazaar: Holi Hai Jamke Manao

Unlike other festivals, Holi also involves slight banter among people, which fosters a sense of camaraderie among them. Indian retail chain of hypermarkets Smart Bazaar released a series of ads this Holi that revolved around many such light-hearted teasing and playful exchanges that strengthen social bonds and relationships.

My favorite was this advert where a woman seems upset with her daughter-in-law because she thinks she isn’t a good mother-in-law. When confronted, the daughter-in-law says that she is a mother nevertheless. After the old woman eats the laddoo she offers, the daughter-in-law quips that it’s only a matter of time before she turns her into a good mother-in-law too.

You see, a bit of banter serves as the perfect medium for people to express themselves freely and encourages laughter, especially within the complex dynamics of a MIL and DIL relationship!

2. Parle-G: Jo Auro Ki Khushi Me Paye Apni Khushi

The joy of celebrating Holi with your family and friends is truly unmatched. But what do you do when you don’t have your family to celebrate this beautiful festival with?

India’s leading biscuit brand Parle-G released an advert this Holi that revolved around a woman who has recently moved to a new city with her husband. With the Holi festivities around her blowing in full swing, she misses her family. That’s when a neighborhood girl understands her situation and welcomes her to celebrate the festival with her family and asks her to feel free to consider them her family members.

After all, who can tell one person from another once the vibrant Holi colors are applied to our faces- it’s the sentiment that counts!

3. Tilda Basmati Rice: The Secret Ingredient

Like the previous commercial, this advert by Tilda Basmati Rice also has at its center a family that’s recently moved to a new city. But unlike the coy woman in the previous ad, the young boy Dhruv in this commercial is emboldened by his youthful age and doesn’t wait for an invitation.

When Dhruv applies colors to his neighbor’s son Advik, his mother scolds him. But Advik’s mother appreciates Dhruv’s gesture as it led to Advik playing Holi freely for the first time in his life. The ad showcases the two women bonding over Holi, the festivities, and their favorite rice brand- Tilda Basmati Rice.

4. Ncell: Nostalgia

It’s not uncommon to see people getting nostalgic during festivals, especially if you last celebrated it with someone special almost 25 years ago.

Nepalese telecom company Ncell released an over two-minute advert this Holi, which revolved around a man reminiscing about the last time he celebrated Holi with his close friends 25 years ago. When his son hears this, he scouts through Facebook and other social media platforms. Come Holi, his father has the biggest surprise of his life in store for him.

Watch the ad to know what the surprise is!

5. Reliance General Insurance: Zimmedari Hai Hamari

Holi is undoubtedly one of the best and most colorful festivals. The issue arises when we tend to take our festivities way too far and pose a threat to everyone’s safety, including ours.

India sees more than 15,000 cases of drunk driving, overspeeding, rash accidents, and other health issues on Holi. Reliance General Insurance released a 1-minute commercial that not only urged people to celebrate the festival safely but also assured them of their presence should they be needed.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the best Holi 2024 ads. Holi isn’t merely about colors and festivities but also about coming together as a family and creating memories that last a lifetime. And this should be reflected in Holi ad campaigns as it did in the ads discussed in this blog.

We’ll be back with more amazing ads for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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