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5 Awesome Diwali 2022 Ads That Will Melt Your Heart

So, it was another Diwali marked by lights, festivities, and celebrations. And like every year, it came with a barrage of heart-touching ads that connected amazingly well with the consumers. With businesses recovering from the pandemic, the mood is celebratory and full of optimism and this is reflected in this year’s Diwali ad campaigns that had a common theme of empathy, kindness, and generosity.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 most beautiful Diwali ad campaigns from 2022.

HP’s Diwali campaign this year will inspire you to be kind to everyone; all that they had to do was to rope in a cute little boy.

The ad shows a boy purchasing a few earthen lamps from a street hawker, who is distressed by the low number of sales that she has made so far. However, what the boy does next is an example of the amount of good that we can bring to this world through our smallest gestures. And that’s all we need to not just light up our lives but fill others’ lives with happiness too. After all, the #UmmeedKaDiya is what keeps the world going.

2. Samsonite: #DiwaliKaSafar

A lot of people are involved in making our festivals amazing. While we often tend to overlook their contributions to our lives during festivals, Samsonite paid tribute to these people through its emotional Diwali 2022 ad campaign.

The commercial throws light upon all the people who work even during their most important festivals so that others can enjoy themselves with their families. Their selfless service is the reason why we get to be with our families and enjoy the festivities. The least that we can do for them is express sincere gratitude for their sacrifices so that we can add an ounce of happiness to their #DiwaliKaSafar.

3. JK Cement: #AndarSeSundar

Speaking of journeys during Diwali, this JK Cement commercial is a tribute to people who spend time away from their families to brighten up our lives.

The commercial showcases a family getting their house painted for their first Diwali in that house. However, their plans go haywire as they face labor issues. But the painter promises to finish the work by Diwali. While he delivers on his promise, he misses his train to reach his hometown for Diwali. The family repays it by getting flight tickets for him so that he can be with his family for the occasion. As they say, external beauty is ephemeral, it’s being #AndarSeSundar that actually matters, especially during Diwali.

Nothing sucks more than being away from home during Diwali. But finding a home away from home certainly helps in making the sorrow lighter. And that’s exactly what Dell projected through its #ApnaWalaFestival ad campaign this Diwali.

A boy traveling alone on a train during Diwali misses the celebration. However, his co-passengers gladly welcome him into their celebrations, which lights up his Diwali. Well, sharing your bliss with others doesn’t lessen it; instead, it gets amplified manifolds.

5. Mankind Pharma: #NekiKiLauJalateHain

This one’s my favorite! While Diwali is all about festivities, it’s also an occasion for people to forget their grudges, forgive one another, and let bygones be bygones.

Mankind Pharma’s 2022 ad campaign is based wholly on that and encourages everyone to light the #NekiKiLau within us and embrace one another without any malice. The commercial shows how two warring families set aside their differences when one of the families faces a difficult situation. It, therefore, lays down the foundation for the two families to come together and leave their feud in the past. Now, isn’t that what Diwali is supposed to do?

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best Diwali commercials from this year. Like almost every year, kindness, empathy, and forgiveness remained a recurring theme for Diwali commercials this year too. After all, Diwali, the festival of lights, is all about driving out the darkness from within us, and these amazing Diwali 2022 ads encourage us to do exactly that.

We’ll be back with more awesome videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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