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5 Awesome Holi 2023 Ads That Will Add The Brightest Colors to Your Day

Hello folks, it was Holi yesterday and we are here to add the colors of happiness to your life with some of the best Holi commercials from this year. Every year, brands dish out ad campaigns that are full of joy and fun, which is in line with the overall festive Holi mood. From top-notch creativity to impactful messages that will stay with people for a long time, Holi ad campaigns from this year had it all.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at the 5 best Holi 2023 ads that will surely lift your spirits. Please note that the subtitles or captions aren’t available for most of these ads, so I’ll try to explain the ads as best as I can for all of you non-Hindi speakers out there.

1. Indian Oil: #BeTheColor

What could be better than adding the colors of joy to someone’s life, especially if you’re better off than them in any way? Indian Oil, through its amazing 2023 Holi commercial, conveyed this sentiment in the most heartwarming way.

The ad showcases a man transporting organic colors to a far-flung area early in the morning, probably on Holi. We later find out that the colors are meant for kids, who are probably suffering from cancer. This explains why they needed organic colors.

One of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you've made someone's day a little brighter. And Indian Oil with its amazing ad inspires everyone to #BeTheColour in someone else's life.

2. Haldiram’s: #MeethaTohSirfMithaiHai

They say Holi is the best time to set aside your differences and start your life anew and this Haldiram’s ad bears ample testimony to this age-old adage.

The ad showcases a couple talking about going over to someone’s place on Holi. Through the conversation, we come to know that the two parties haven’t been on talking terms, which even makes the couple reconsider whether or not they should visit them in the first place. Finally, when the couple arrives at their place, their kid is the first to wish the hosts.

Throughout the ad, we never get to know what the issue between them really is, which is the whole point of Holi- the differences get all wiped out amid the vibrant Holi colors.

Their campaign title, however, makes no sense. Meetha to sirf mithai hai, what is that even supposed to mean🤷

3. SMART Bazaar: #HoliHaiJamkeManao

Now this one is a real tear-jerker. There’s probably nothing worse than being part of the Holi festivities and yet not being able to participate in them.

This emotional advert by SMART Bazaar shows a kid without arms finally getting the chance to shower colors on his friends, thanks to the special water gun designed by the hypermarket store in association with its NGO partners. The ad ends with how the special gun will help over 5 lakh people in India born without arms to finally enjoy Holi in the way it’s meant to be celebrated.

4. JioMart: #BigHoliSale

Well, enough of the emotional drama! Here’s an ad that will act as somewhat of a comic relief in this rather emotion-heavy blog post.

The ad runs on the tried-and-tested Hindi movie scene of an actress running toward the love of her life, who’s mostly named Rahul for some reason, only to be repulsed by his choice of clothes. The girl finally takes off with a much better-dressed fellow, whose name is not even Rahul, but what’s in a name anyway!

Imagine getting dumped for not being dressed for the occasion; sucks, right?

5. realme & Bombay Noor: #RangDe

Technology brand realme teamed up with music band Bombay Noor to release a cool Holi special advert, which beautifully captures the inclusive spirit of this colorful festival.

The ad pays tribute to the vibrant hues of Indian pop culture and the festival of Holi to make people embrace their true selves and let go of all inhibitions. The advert brings with it a vibrancy that strikes an inner chord of mischief, playfulness, and the spirit of celebration within each one of us.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best Holi 2023 commercials. The festival of Holi unites individuals in commemorating the arrival of spring, bountiful harvests, and fresh starts. These influential campaigns effectively capture the essence of Holi and establish an emotional bond with customers, creating a memorable impact.

We’ll be back with more amazing videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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