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5 Beautiful Holiday Commercials From 2023 That Geared Up Everyone For The Festive Season

I know this blog is slightly delayed since the holiday season starts right after Thanksgiving, and it’s been almost two weeks since we were gorging ourselves on turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. But you see, the entire point of having such a long holiday season is allowing ourselves some time to lay back, take a moment, go through all the lovely advertisements that brands have gotten lined up for their existing and potential customers, and then bring them to you. I don’t think many of you agree with me on that!

But guess what, that didn’t deter me from bringing to you some of the best holiday commercials from this year, nevertheless.

So, brace yourself for some of the most awe-inspiring holiday 2023 commercials that heralded the arrival of the long festive season this year.

1. Chevrolet: A Holiday to Remember

What is it that keeps us bound to the people we love? What makes us seek their reassuring presence in the face of adversity? It’s their memories. But what if we start losing our memories? Well, in that case, someone will have to jog it for us- exactly how the young girl does it for her grandmother in this Chevrolet commercial.

This over-5-minute Chevrolet commercial shows a young girl taking her maternal grandmother, who is probably suffering from Alzheimer's disease, on a drive in their old Chevrolet Suburban car. On their way, they come across several spots where some of the most memorable events of grandmother’s life took place.

From taking her grandmother to her old high school and the house where she was born to visiting the open theatre where she shared her first kiss with her husband Bill, the young girl does everything to gift her grandmother the memories from years past.

Well, could Bill have asked for a better gift than her beloved’ memories this holiday season?

2. Amazon: Joy Ride

All right, this commercial from Amazon is also related to one’s memories, except that, unlike the previous advert, the elderly women in this commercial took it upon themselves to revisit their childhood- thanks to Amazon's fantastic holiday deals!

This 60-second spot showcases three elderly women watching kids playing and sledding in the snow. That’s when one of them orders three sleds on Amazon and Voila! The next day all three of them go sledding in the snow.

Honestly, could there be a better way of spending your holidays than reliving your childhood all over again? I don’t think so!

3. Sephora: The Gift That Says Everything

Thanksgiving marks the onset of the holiday season. And how do you say thank you or express your gratitude toward the people who hold a special place in your life? Of course, through gifts!

Sephora has come up with an impressive 30-second spot this holiday season that not only features its fantastic collection but also establishes it as the premium go-to option in case you want to pour your heart out through your presents. Whether it’s about conveying to someone that they mean more than friends to you or telling someone that you see and feel them, Sephora has got something for you that would fit right into the sentiment that you wish to convey!

4. Samsung: Light Up Your Holiday

Speaking of gifts, could Samsung with its wide range of amazing products ever be left behind? The answer is a resounding NO! So, here it is.

This 75-second Samsung spot features some of their best products from TVs and refrigerators to smartwatches and AirPods. But don’t be mistaken, it’s not the products that make this advert fun to watch. The witty description of these products is what you need to keep your eyes and ears on!

5. Montefiore Medical Center: There’s Magic in All of Us

New York-based hospital and academic medical center Montefiore Medical Center released a heartwarming advert on Thanksgiving that underscores the significance of technology in the lives of people with disabilities.

The 5-minute spot features a young lad named Solo who has a neurological condition that has impaired his speech and mobility. As Solo struggles with the limitations caused by his condition, his younger brother Henry innocently asks him about his aspirations of becoming a pilot, which leaves Solo with a heavy heart.

However, what happens next will not only blow your mind but also give Solo and others like him a ray of hope and go a long way in dispelling the misconception that their cognitive abilities are limited.

I bet Solo is going to have one hell of a holiday this year!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best holiday 2023 commercials. The onset of the holiday season is an indication for people to go back to strengthening their human connections and using the extra downtime to return to core values such as joy, love, kindness, and compassion. And guess what, the ads covered in this blog surely lived up to that expectation.

We’ll be back with more amazing holiday 2023 commercials next week. Till then, stay tuned!

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