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5 Best Insurance Commercials That Will Make You Want to Get a Policy Right Away

Did you know that 28th June is celebrated as National Insurance Awareness Day? Although the origin of this event is unknown, it is observed every year on the 28th of June to serve as a reminder to people to review their insurance policies and ensure that they have the coverage that they need. So, if you have been getting messages from insurance companies lately asking you if you’re interested in their insurance programs, you now know the reason.

But insurance companies go much further than simply texting you about their insurance programs. They deploy all kinds of marketing tactics to influence you and TV commercials play a great role in it. From striking a comedic tone to tugging at your heartstrings with an emotional advert, insurance companies do everything with their TV ads to make you take notice.

So, here are 5 top TV commercials from insurance companies that viewers will remember for a long time.

1. Lincoln Financial Group: Precious Few

This 2016 ad by LFG showcases a series of vignettes that highlight the things we do to provide for and protect the people we love.

The best thing about this commercial is that it filmed real people in real relationships while they were engaged in powerful moments of love, which were captured in elegant black and white photography. The spot was complemented by the classic song “Love me Tender”. What LFG did with this ad was to change the way people viewed purchasing an insurance plan. It conveyed the message that who you are protecting through insurance matters more than why you are purchasing the plan.

2. State Farm: Hot Tub

State Farm came up with this ad in 2010, which showed a group of friends sitting in a living room when the window suddenly breaks.

As things turn out, one of them is insured by State Farm and sings the magic State Farm jingle, which makes his agent appear. Upon being encouraged by the young lad, the other two friends try it too. While one of the friends asks for a sandwich, the other one asks for the girl from 4D and a hot tub.

Honestly, that sounds more like Aladin’s genie, but never mind, whatever keeps you folks safe and sound!

3. Prudential: Stickers

Prudential called in behavioral scientists to conduct an experiment with 400 people for this 2013 ad. They were asked several questions about their perception of the good times and the bad times.

As it happens, most people said that they felt their future would be more secure and happy than their past. The ad capitalized on people-powered data visualization, not dry statistics to reveal the truth that since we are now living longer, we must prepare for it too.

4. Nationwide: One Up

This hilarious 2016 features a couple that dreads the idea of calling their insurance company. Both the husband and the wife keep trying to find ways to procrastinate and mess up their home.

Finally, the neighbors see the commotion happening next door and feel grateful for calling Nationwide. The commercial reinforces the notion that couples would rather create distractions than call their insurance agent. They could have simply switched their insurance agent instead of wracking havoc on their house, don’t you think?

5. American Family Insurance Company: Dad Insurance

This amazing 2016 insurance commercial shows a young boy dreaming of being a flamenco dancer someday. However, his father gifts him judo attire and ask sends him to attain judo classes instead as a preventative measure against neighborhood bullies. But when the son finally earns a black belt in judo, his father surprises him with a flamenco outfit.

The ad was released around Father’s Day and raked in over 5.8 million views on YouTube. The ad serves as a reminder that having the right insurance first is a good step while you’re pursuing a dream.

Bottom Line

In today’s ad-blocked and time-shift media marketplace, it’s getting increasingly difficult to make people take notice. It’s even more challenging for insurance companies whose commercials are almost always skipped by most people. Therefore, thy must come up with visuals and scripts that are memorable enough for consumers to talk about them for months and even years after their on-air debut.

Hopefully, the list of insurance commercials given in this blog would help you come up with your own someday. We’ll be back with more videos. Till then, stay tuned!

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