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5 Best Ramadan 2022 Ads That Truly Captured The Essence of Ramadan

With 24.9% of the global population celebrating Eid today, we have finally come to the end of the Ramadan season. However, this Ramadan season will be remembered for some of the most mind-blowing commercials that were aired by various brands this time. With the world slowly returning to normalcy after two years, brands have tried to put their best foot forward while trying to depict what Ramadan stands for.

So, we are back with our second installment of Ramadan 2022 ads that stood apart for their messaging and cinematography.

1. McDonald’s Indonesia

Do you know that 9 out of every 100 elderly Indonesians spend their Ramadan alone? Well, it’s true, and McDonald’s Indonesia certainly struck a nerve there with this ad.

The ad features an old man celebrating Ramadan with another family while he gets a text message from his son conveying his inability to celebrate Ramadan with his father. But just when you are about to go “Awwwwwww!” for the old man, he is called by his neighbors’ children for prayers.

While the McDonald’s ad reveals a depressing truth, it also kindles a ray of hope and helps us trust people who’d be willing to help others with the sole purpose of spreading happiness.

2. Mercedes Benz

Centuries ago, the pilgrimage to Mecca was done on the backs of camels across long and treacherous terrains. Today it barely takes a few hours in the air as the journey to Mecca has become quicker and more accessible than ever before.

However, the rich heritage and the priceless traditions of the long and immersive journey of getting to Mecca via ground must be preserved. And that’s precisely what Mercedes Benz tries to encourage through this commercial. The ad focuses on the journey of the successful commercial aviation pilot, Nabil Al Rostamani as he sets off on his path of self-discovery while leaving behind his pilot wings to retrace the historic pilgrimage routes by road, from the UAE to Saudi Arabia.

3. Subway Malaysia

Subway’s 2022 Ramadan ad lays a special emphasis on the significance of family. The commercial titled “Satu kaki lebih mesra”, showcases people from different walks of life in a series of videos. The commercial depicts people practicing forgiveness despite the conflicts that they face in their everyday lives.

While one of the videos revolves around the dynamics of the workplace and how the conflicts there can be overcome with patience, other videos showcase couples and families readying themselves for a peaceful and fulfilling Ramadan through forgiveness.

Ramadan is a season of family, celebration, and togetherness, and this message is perfectly amplified through this commercial.

4. Peugeot

Peugeot’s Ramadan-themed campaign “To Traditions That Live Forever” shows how the addition of a modern twist to old traditions can turn time around and bring people together through new experiences and ways of Ramadan celebration.

The ad celebrates the Ramadan month with a 12-second spot that emphasizes the significance of old customs in the modern day. It brings to light the age-old Ramadan traditions of the Misharaty, the name used to address people who walked around residential areas beating a drum to wake up people for Suhur.

A human-alarm system to pull you out of your bed- isn’t that cool?


LEGO’s 2022 Ramadan ad welcomes adults to see the world in one of the most beautiful ways possible- through the eyes of children.

LEGO Middle East brought together kids from diverse backgrounds to find what they love about Ramadan and showcase the extent of their imaginations. Some of the responses from these young children will definitely take you by surprise. Watch the video here to know why.

Bottom Line

The Ramadan season might be over but some of the commercials aired this season are definitely going to stay with us for a long time. These ads were not just amazing and fun to watch but also stand true to the spirit of Ramadan.

We’ll be back with more awesome videos. Till then stay tuned, and take care fellas!

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