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5 Best Ramadan Ads From The Past That Will Fill Your Heart With Joy & Emotions

The holy Ramadan month is upon us and like every year, brands are again jostling amongst themselves to catch our eye. The month of Ramadan is a great time for marketers to attract their audiences by providing them with entertaining, engaging, and heart-touching content that tugs at your heartstrings. Hence, it is no wonder that over the years, we have seen some truly memorable Ramadan ads.

So, here we are with the 5 best Ramadan ads that truly celebrated the spirit of the holy month.

1. McDonald’s Singapore

McDonald’s Singapore came out with a beautiful Ramadan ad in 2018 that sought to celebrate everything that Ramadan stands for. The 1 minute 52-second video shows a young McDonald’s delivery guy who starts his day with a pre-fast meal and then takes upon the rest of his day’s work of delivering food orders, overcoming difficulties of all kinds.

From taking stairs due to a non-operational lift to helping a man whose car had broken down, he does it all.

But just when you start feeling sorry for the guy, one of the people whom he delivers the order to offers him a Happy Sharing Box of McDonald’s and the ad ends with the tagline “Share The Spirit of Ramadan”.

Spread joy and happiness– isn’t that what Ramadan has always stood for?

2. GOJEK Indonesia

GOJEK came up with the #CariPahala campaign in 2018 that presented storytelling in a short movie format and in an outdoor billboard ad format for a whole month, conveying the message of how GOJEK can help consumers find ways to do good during the Ramadan month.

From finding the nearest mosque to carrying out compulsory prayers and making donations to the needy ones, GOJEK used TV commercials, short YouTube videos, and billboard displays at 16 spots in Jakarta to inform people.

The sheer simplicity and sincerity of the GOJEK campaign make it a delightful watch, which makes people connect with GOJEK’s philosophy.

3. Coca-Cola Nederlands

Another amazing Ramadan commercial is that of Coca-Cola from 2018. The ad serves as a reminder to everyone of what binds us together.

In the ad, a young Muslim girl is shown observing the Ramadan fast. The challenges of observing the fast in the searing summer heat are well-demonstrated in her struggles as she chases a bus and then sees everyone around her having food.

However, she is then offered Coca-Cola by another young woman. However, since she was on her fast she couldn’t drink the soft drink. But the other woman is kind enough to wait until dusk and that’s when they have the Coca-Cola together.

This 2 minute 13-second ad fills your heart with all the positive emotions and reminds you that what unites us together is bigger than what divides us.

4. Shan Foods

Here’s another mind-blowing ad that well demonstrates the ability of the holy Ramadan month to bring people together.

The ad shows a young Chinese couple in Pakistan where the wife is having difficulties adjusting to the new environment. From their customs to their food, everything is different. However, she understands that food is one thing that can bind people.

So, she prepares biryani for her neighbors. Their reaction when she offers them Biryani will definitely win your heart!

5. Surf Excel

And this one’s my favorite. Aired during Ramadan 2016, this ad perfectly sums up what Ramadan is all about- placing the happiness of everyone else above yours. That’s how you attain your happiness too.

The ad shows a group of young kids helping a street food vendor whose cart had been stuck. The kids help him sell all his food. But in the process, their clothes get stained. And that’s when Surf Excel places the brand with its popular tagline “daag acche hain”.

The reason why this advert stands out is that not only does it use excellent content to promote itself but its product placement is also equally good.

Bottom Line

So, that’s our list of some of the best Ramadan ads from the past. We’ll be back next week with a few more excellent Ramadan ads that are a lesson in marketing.

Till then, stay tuned.


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