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5 Best Super Bowl 2022 Ads That Scored a Touchdown

The Super Bowl is the biggest marketing event for advertisers, who spent nearly $6.5 million for a 30-second airtime slot. With an audience of about 100 million U.S viewers, the game offers an excellent marketing opportunity for brands.

This year, the game saw a new crop of advertisers- from crypto trading platforms wanting to reach out to a new audience to longtime marketers trying to broaden their appeal, Super Bowl 2022 saw it all.

But which of these ads turned out to be real winners? Well, here we are with the best 5 Super Bowl 2022 ads that made us go “WOW”.

1. Coinbase

Regardless of how much money Coinbase spent on this sixty-second ad, it amounted to nothing more than a super-bouncy QR code, which linked to their website when scanned. While the QR code certainly reminds us of ordering at the restaurants during the pandemic (Have you looked at the menu yet?!), it also demonstrates how ridiculously simple a good commercial can be- no mega productions, no much-hyped celebrity cameos. All it takes is one small QR code set to light music to get the whole world talking.

Having said that, I still don’t have even an ounce of idea about what cryptocurrencies are!

2. Toyota

This one really turned on the waterworks for even the big, tough boys. Not for me though, something just got stuck in my eyes while this touching commercial was being aired. And believe me when I say that the immense beauty of this commercial had nothing to do with why my eyes started to drip. The story of the unbreakable bond of brotherhood and the triumph of success despite the insurmountable obstacles featured in the ad really touched everyone’s heart.

Now please leave me alone, I need a second for myself. I mean, I need to check what got into my eye.

3. Squarespace

Inspired by the classic tongue twister Sally Sells Seashells, this Squarespace commercial features Zendaya as Sally, a businesswoman looking to grow her seashell selling business. The story unfolds with a narration that chronicles Sall’s business transformation, from selling seashells to everything from seashell serenity sessions, tours of the seaside, and more with Squarespace’s help.

There’s something amazing about such rags-to-riches stories, even though this one’s entirely fictional. People love it. Also, it positions Squarespace as an enabler for small businesses, so that’s obviously a plus. Well played, Squarespace.

4. Irish Spring

What many might see as an extension of curiosity about the prevalence of cabbage and potatoes in Irish cuisine, this commercial takes us to the actual Irish spring where everyone is obsessed with good smells. Cult vibes? Ohh yes! But the ad offers a good dose of humor in this 30-second spot.

The funny ad comes in the wake of research from Colgate-Palmolive, which found that 74.5% of the millennial and Gen Z population shower to get rid of foul body odor. Now that’s what we call ‘research-backed’ marketing.

5. Amazon Prime Video

Wake up nerds, wake up kids, run down the street, and get on mountain tops to scream the happy news at the top of your voices- Lord of the Rings is back! So what if of all the companies Amazon is the one rolling out this new tale!

The OTT platform has made us spend a lot of our hard-earned money on some of the shittiest content that dish out on their massive production. It’s high time they actually showed us something we love.

Wrapping Up

So, that was our list of the best 2022 Super Bowl ads. As you might have noticed, barring a few deeply emotional commercials, most brands have tried to focus on the fun element, which perfectly syncs with the spirit of the Super Bowl.

And that’s what video marketing is all about- striking a rapport with the viewers’ emotions attached to a particular event.


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