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5 Boo-tifully Crafted Halloween 2023 Commercials That Deserve a Candy Bag

As promised, we’re back with the best Halloween commercials from this year. Halloween is a great time for marketers to unleash their creative side and brands have left no stone unturned in treating us to the most artistic ad campaigns this year. So, without reiterating everything that we said in our previous blog on the best Halloween commercials regarding the significance of Halloween, let’s dive straight into some of the best Halloween 2023 adverts.

Let’s take a look at these.

1. IKEA: Monsters Not Included

You can always expect IKEA to come up with mindblowing Halloween adverts and this year it’s no different.

The furniture brand ran a couple of 30-second spots that relied on some amazing camera work and lighting. The ad guides the audience to some of the places that we grew up believing ghosts and scary creatures are most likely to be in for example, below the bed or inside a dark closet. Now, the ghosts may or may not be at those places, but these ads are surely spooky!

2. Burger King: The Call

Just like IKEA, Burger King never disappoints audiences with its Halloween campaigns. And this year, they launched a 60-second whopper of a tale featuring a young woman watching TV alone at her home, who receives a very disturbing call from the person on the other end saying "It's back. It's coming for you," in a voice like Ghostface.

Without any dilly-dally, she springs to the fridge, grabs her emergency milk, and leaves her home in the car. But the car soon dies, the windows get locked, and we again hear the unknown caller saying "You can't run from the heat". We then see a Ghost Pepper Whopper and Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries in her back seat. She then heads to her home, where her voice turns demonic and she says, “It's coming for you, too."

3. Butterfinger: Butterfinger Investigators

It tastes so good, even the ghosts want it. Or at least people dressed up as ones do!

The crisp 15-second advert features a young boy and a girl being robbed of their Butterfinger by a ghost when a background voice tells viewers to call Butterfinger Investigators, aka the BFI, if someone tries to steal their Butterfinger this Halloween. The cool BFI agents throw a laser light on the ‘ghost’, who then turns into his human form and they retrieve the stolen Butterfinger. If only it were that easy to nab real robbers too.

4. Disneyland: Spooktacular Experiences

This 30-second Disneyland advert is a marketer’s delight- it’s brief, it’s in line with the theme, and it includes an effective call to action as it beckons people to visit Disneyland during Halloween.

The ad includes an interactive song that tells the audience what to expect when they visit Disneyland this Halloween season, and I couldn’t be more impressed. Watch the ad to know what I’m talking about.

5. Beavertown Brewery: Beavertown's Flightmare

Okay, this one is truly scary and I’d have probably shat my pants if this advert wasn’t made in an animated mode.

This three-minute animated short film and graphic novel takes viewers on a dimension-bending visual trip. The narrative revolves around the protagonist, 'Sonny,' embarking on a daring journey through the skies. As the story unfolds, viewers are prompted to keep an eye out for a myriad of subtle written and visual surprises cunningly concealed within the film and accompanying novel.

Watch the ad now for some real goosebumps!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the best Halloween 2023 commercials. Thanks to its high appeal, Halloween offers brands a great way of engaging with their existing and potential customers. But as I always say, they need to figure out what their audiences love to come up with an award-winning Halloween advert.

We’ll be back with more amazing videos for you. Till then, stay tuned! Also, ClickInsights wishes all of you a very spooky Halloween!

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