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5 Classic Commercials That Every Malaysian Adult Will Remember

As children, much of our time went by either playing in the park or being seated in front of the TV while waiting for our favorite cartoons. Whether you were having your dinner or coloring, the TV was a constant companion for all of us during our childhood except while doing our homework.

And spending so much time watching TV means that we also came across several advertisements that have stayed with us, especially the ones from Malaysia. So, here are some memorable Malaysian commercials that will trigger nostalgia in every Malaysian adult.

1. Nano Nano Candy

Growing up, this used to be my favorite ad. The commercial showcases a family of four, where the parents and the kids pop in the Nano Nano candy and their faces undergo some kind of convulsion while they exhibit funny expressions.

The background music is catchy and draws you towards it. Also, I am sure the family reminded many of their own.

2. Gardenia

If the Nano candy commercial was primarily suited for children in the age group of 3-5, the Gardenia ad focused on school-going kids. Throughout the commercial you see children in school uniforms consuming the Gardenia bread.

The commercial showcases Gardenia bread as an important component of one’s diet. Also, the food items showcased in the commercial look mouth-watering.

3. Rejoice

This was probably the first commercial that gave me and many others an idea of what it feels like to be attracted to the opposite gender.

The commercial uses the tried-and-tested storyline of a guy being attracted to a beautiful woman who, in all likelihood, is oblivious to his existence. The commercial shows Alan Yun as a postman and instantly being swooned by a woman who’s got amazing hair.

Well, if you have got hair like that, it doesn’t take a commercial for men to fall for you!😉

4. Ribena

This Ribena commercial was aired in 2007 to launch Ribena Lemon. And what follows is the perfect Bollywood climax.

The commercial shows lemon as a lonesome fellow while the nature around it has its partners. However, an accidental meeting with the Ribena berry helps the lemon find its “perfect match”, leading to a classic Bollywood finale.

I sometimes wonder if real-life couples started emulating the Bollywood theatrics.

5. Trojan Perkasa

While the world continues to feel the need for superheroes all the time, the Malaysian advertising industry saw the emergence of the detergent hero, Trojan.

The commercial is silly and hilarious at the same time. However, the part where the passengers in the bus cover their noses to escape the foul odor emanating from a person made me laugh my ass off😂.

While we have seen several unusual superheroes in the past, the detergent hero was the first of its kind.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of some of the most memorable TV commercials from Malaysia. Although some of the ads on this list were silly, they have somehow managed to stick through in our memories. Also, most of these ads were focused on young children. Naturally, they have to be ‘silly’.

We’ll be back with more videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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