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5 Cringeworthy Ads That Will Make You Want to Break Your TV

Did you flinch? Already? Well, wait till you you see the commercials that we’ve got for you this time. No, we drive no sadistic pleasure out of subjecting you to these cringy commercials. But we believe it’s our responsibility to tell you about the advertising fails so that your marketing campaign doesn’t end up on any such list.

So, brace yourselves for these 5 cringy ads that will drive you nuts.

1. Little Baby’s Ice Cream Company: This Is a Special Time

Warning- this ice cream commercial might put you off ice cream forever. This is the cringiest thing I’ve seen in a long time and the makers of this commercial should be thrown behind bars.

The ‘ad’ features a person all covered up in ice cream staring right into the camera. And then it happens! The fellow takes out a spoon and starts scooping and eating ice cream from their head, maintaining eye contact all the while. I don’t think I am going to have ice cream for a long time now.

2. Hunter Pence: Liscio’s Bakery

Celebrity commercials tend to get a little cringy every now and then. But seldom do they get as weird as this one for a local bakery chain featuring Hunter Pence.

During his stint with the Phillies, Pence was roped in to sell bread for Liscio’s. No hang on, it turns out that his terrible acting wasn’t the worst part. The act is also famous for showing him using bread in ways that nobody else ever has, like as a paddle for rowing or measuring his socks, and as weights. The only thing left was to give him a loaf that he could use as a baseball bat.

3. Oliver Jewellery: I’m the Cash Man

Thanks to their lack of budget and dearth of creativity, local commercials are always a treat to watch. This commercial for a gold-buying business in Toronto is one of them.

The ad features Russel Oliver coming out himself to market his store, begging the audience to bring him their old jewelry in exchange for money. However, halfway through the ad, he breaks into a song about his business with an array of girls dancing in the background. The girls in the background look a lot more enthusiastic than Oliver though.

4. Baby Soft: Love’s Cosmetics

What do you do if you want to make someone seriously uncomfortable? Well, you show them this commercial.

It’s a complete mystery how this commercial aired on TV during the 70s. In fact, kudos to you if you managed to get through the entire 30 seconds. The commercial features a creepy narrator promising women that the sexiest fragrance around is the scent of a baby! All this while, an adult woman licks a lollipop while looking into the camera and a lullaby plays in the background. Every time I view this commercial, it makes my skin crawl. I hope that whoever came up with this commercial was blacklisted.

5. Mi0 Sport: Eye of the Squirter

This commercial made zero sense to me. And this is a classic example of an ad that was intended to be funny but turned out to be exceptionally cringy.

The commercial features a man engaging in various activities while squirting Mi0 into his water. Well, if that’s how you’re going to market it, then I think I am better off without your product.

Bottom Line

And that was a wrap of our second edition of cringy commercials. While we dearly hope that we wouldn’t ever have to come up with any such list in the future, we’re certain that brands will definitely give us more content in the future. We’ll be back with more commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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