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5 Funny CNY 2024 Commercials That Will Have You Laughing All the Way to Good Fortune

The Chinese New Year is less than 24 hours away and every major brand is out with their CNY ad campaign. Honestly, I had been planning to cover CNY ads from this year for quite some time, but you know how busy life sometimes tends to get. But it’s okay, CNY ads never seem to get old. And there couldn’t be a better way to kickstart our coverage of the best CNY ads from this year than to include them in our #FunnyFridays segment.

So, in case you liked our previous blog on the funniest CNY adverts from the past, here are 5 funny CNY 2024 commercials that will gear you up for the upcoming Lunar Year.

1. Tune Talk: Good Deeds Bring Good Fortune

The Chinese New Year is associated with good fortune and prosperity and encourages people to perform good deeds. This 3-minute ad by the Malaysian mobile virtual network operator Tune Talk highlights the significance of good deeds with a funny take.

The ad shows a young girl receiving a call from her father at work, who requests her to help him prepare the reunion dinner as her mother is sick. As she rushes to rap up her work for the day, she receives a pop-up on her computer screen, prompting her to open it. As she clicks on the pop-up, she’s taken by surprise as her great great great great great great Grandfather appears on her screen and tells her what an amazing year she’s going to have. 

Why? Because she’s been a great daughter, positive, and happy throughout the year. From good food and good health to year-after-year promotions and a healthy work-life balance, her grandfather promises her everything that one strives to achieve in life. Having fully understood the importance of good deeds, she rushes to help her father prepare the reunion dinner.

Well, I am not a fan of conspiracy theories but could there be a possibility that her father might have sent her this video to eliminate any possibility of her backing out from helping him for dinner at the last moment?😆

2. Grab: “Huat” You Want? Grab Settle lah!

Grab has been known for dishing out funny CNY commercials year after year, and it was no different this time either.

This funny commercial portrays the families of Dragon Gor and Snake Gor as one of those Italian underworld families and shows them engaging in some competitive banter ahead of the CNY celebrations. From poking fun at Dragon Gor’s age to teasing him for his frugal home decor, Snake Gor does everything to get underneath Dragon Gor’s skin. Having suffered enough humiliation, Dragon Gor orders everything from decorations to food from the Grab app.

What’s more, Dragon Gor even makes Snake Gor pay for the decorations since he turned up without any gifts at Dragon Gor’s place🤣

3. Cetaphil: Shine Like A Dragon

Honestly, there isn’t anything too funny about this advert but you’ll surely find the song in the ad amusing.

The entire spot is presented as a musical advert and discusses the many benefits of Cetaphil. From helping people with skin allergies to tackling dark spots and dull skin texture, the ad showcases Cetaphil as the all-in-one solution to all skincare-related issues.

Also, the music is so catchy, it’s almost like an earworm and you might find yourself humming it all day long! “1-2-3 CMP, Shine Like a Dragon Easy, la la la la e-easy, My Skin is Comfortable & Pretty!”😅

4. Pepsi: Finish The Unfinished

Every new year brings with it hopes of a better future and naturally fills our hearts with newer and bigger goals. However, more often than not, fail to attain our New Year resolutions. This Pepsi commercial presents a humorous take on how one must approach their aims to ensure their fruition.

The advert shows three siblings complaining about how they couldn’t achieve anything that they had hoped for the previous year, and cite some of the funniest reasons for the same. Disheartened by their failure, they decide to go to karaoke to forget their problems and relax. But their sister stops them and tells them why they couldn’t achieve their goals last year. Guess what, it was all because they never finished their drinks! Yeah, good luck finding logic there!😂

5. Watsons: Enter The Dragons

Health and beauty retailer Watsons came up with a 7-minute commercial this Chinese New Year that seeks to foster togetherness and emphasize family unity.

The spot sees a funny drama unfold as tensions run high between the members of a family, who are each trying to one-up one another to impress the family matriarch Long Ma Ma. But what happens when a pregnant lady from the family goes into labor right in the middle of the New Year festivities? Well, watch the full advert to know.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another #FunnyFridays segment. CNY adverts are usually funny by default. But some added humor would surely go a long way in facilitating engagement from the audience. Maybe the ads covered in this blog will help you design your Funny CNY campaign next year.

We’ll be back with more amazing CNY adverts for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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