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5 Funny Commercials That Will Make You Go LOL

And we are back with yet another segment of #FunnyFridays, where we bring to so you some of the funniest commercials from across the web. The goal is to help all budding marketers out there understand what it takes to come up with a genuinely funny ad. Why funny? Because nothing sells more than a good laugh!

So, here are 5 funny commercials that will make your weekend amazing.

1. IKEA: Let’s Relax

Home decor company IKEA raises an important point with this funny commercial and takes a dig at the culture of people posting pictures of food online before they eat it.

The ad showcases what would have happened had there been Instagram in the 1700s. Well, possibly everyone would have starved to death waiting for likes from their social networks to validate the painting of the dinner that they wanted to devour so badly. If you’re one of those who likes to post pictures of food before eating it, this one’s for you fellas!

2. Sprite: Sun Fizz

This Sprite commercial is all about the real thirst, not the image! The commercial shows how terrifying it would be if the mascot of your favorite beverage unexpectedly sprang to life and came running after you.

The commercial features a mother and her two kids who are drinking “Sun Fizz” one minute, and the next minute they are shown being chased by a cartoon sun as they run around in the home screaming. Did this commercial take a dig at SunnyD? Well, it looks like it did!

3. Durex: Dominic Cooper Ad

This condom commercial featuring Dominic Cooper shows him getting ready to go on a date. Just when he’s about to meet his girlfriend, his girlfriend is attacked by a legion of white-suited men.

But they are eventually held back by a see-through plastic barrier, which allows the couple to continue without danger. Though nothing overtly sexual is shown taking place in the ad, the meaning of the visuals was amply clear. Seeing so many men being caught in a giant condom was hilarious.

4. Bud Light: The Most Successful Clothing Drive Ever

There aren’t too many things in this world that will motivate people more than a free beer. And guess what, Bud Light knows it all too well.

This commercial shows that people are even willing to walk around naked in the office if they can get a free bottle of Bud Light for each clothing item that they donate. The openly shown disgust by many people towards the exposed bodies of their co-workers is hilarious.

However, did the drive actually aim for clothing off people’s bodies?? I mean they could have simply brought clothes that they wanted to donate from their homes too.

5. Pidilite M Seal: Dying Man’s Will

This commercial is proof of how the smallest of mistakes can ruin your plan and leave you with nothing.

The commercial shows an old man on his deathbed. Just then a man, who’s probably his son, approaches him and coaxes him into increasing the amount of his inheritance. However, fate has other plans for him as a drop of water from the leaking roof of his house wipes off one of the digits on the will, thereby, rendering the will useless. Unfortunately, the old man also dies just then, leaving his son no time to get another will.

While everyone breaks down after the old man’s death, the son is particularly mournful and we know why!

Bottom Line

And that was a wrap of yet another segment of the #FunnyFridays. We’ll be back next week with more wonderful ads for you to feast on. Till then, stay tuned fellas!

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