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5 Heartwarming CNY 2023 Ads That Will Make Your Chinese New Year Memorable

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Hey folks, the Chinese New Year is here and we wish you a very happy new year. With the Chinese New Year happening earlier than usual this year, brands too were quick to get their CNY adverts out for us to enjoy. While we have already done a blog on some of the best CNY adverts from this year, we felt it would be an injustice to other great ads if we stopped at discussing just 5 ads.

So, driven by the spirit of the Chinese New Year, we went through some more commercials from this year and have brought to you 5 more CNY 2023 ads that will surely tug at your heartstrings. So, here we go.

1. Gamuda Land: Hearty Reunion

If there’s one thing we all dislike about family reunions, especially at the Chinese New Year, then it’s nosy relatives and their nosy questions about our lives.

But this ad by Gamuda Land will present a whole new perspective about why our near and dear ones ask us these “uncomfortable” questions. It’s because they care. And while they might get a bit too inquisitive at times, it’s always great to know that you have people around you who are genuinely concerned about you. After all, the whole point of celebrating the new year with our family is to let each other know about our well-being.

2. Taylor’s University: Torn

Storytelling via CNY ads is an art that Taylor’s University seems to have perfected over the years. And while there are always hundreds of dramatic storyline-driven ads every Chinese New Year, we know where the plot is going within the first 30 seconds.

Well, call us fastidious but the poignant moments tend to have a lot less impact when you know when the tearjerker moment is about to come. And that’s what this ad from Taylor’s University ad does so well, it never lets you see where the ad is going and when the poignant moment would come until it’s actually there. Full marks for the plot to their marketing team!

3. Etiqa: Pretty Little Things

I know, I just went on and on about predictable storylines but Etiqa’s ad surely deserves to be on this list.

You do have an idea about where the storyline is going but you watch the ad nevertheless because you want to see the cleaning boy who’s been acting like a jerk all along finally have his moment of redemption. Also, you want to see the poor misunderstood auntie getting justice. The ad does not trigger any waterworks but surely leaves you feeling warm. Also, it gives us all a lesson on how someone’s trash can be someone else’s treasure.

4. Hong Leong Bank: A Life of Kaya

Hong Leong Bank’s CNY 2023 ad is based on the story behind how Sekinchan Kayapo came into existence and the life of Chan Thai Thai who started the restaurant-cum-foods retail shop in Sekinchan.

The ad sheds life on the hurdles that Chan faced in establishing the business and turning it into what it is today. This inspiring story makes for a wonderful CNY ad and conveys the message that what can be achieved if you have your heart and mind in the right place.

5. Milo: Two Worlds Apart

Life with grandparents can be sometimes annoying for a few of us. After all, there’s a huge generational gap that exists between us and our grandparents. But there are certain life lessons that they can teach us the best.

An obstinate grandfather, a detached granddaughter, and ping pong- these are the three basic ingredients behind this awesome CNY 2023 ad by Milo. The ad shows how in today’s social media age, we often fail to enjoy the small things in life such as a ping pong game. After all, a ping pong game and a cup of Milo can go a long way in helping start relationships afresh. Watch the ad to know what I mean!

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of our second segment of the best CNY 2023 ads. As you might have observed, hope remains the underlining theme in most CNY 2023 ads, including the ones that we have discussed in this blog- probably keeping in line with this year’s lunar calendar.

We hope this year will turn out to be just as great as these ads. We wish you a very happy and prosperous Chinese New Year.

We’ll be back with more awesome videos for you next week. Till then, stay tuned!


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