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5 Most Racy Ads That No Parent Wants Their Kids to See

Yeah, I know we’ve been saying all along that humor is the best tool to get maximum engagement from the audience. But that’s for brands that want their commercials to be seen by everyone, regardless of whether or not they are in someone else’s company. On the other hand, certain brands have a specific market segment that they want to cater to through their commercials. This blog is all about those brands and the commercials that they have dished out over the years to get maximum traction from their target audience.

So, here are 5 sexually titillating ads that you can’t watch with your family members sitting in the same room as you.

1. Provocateur

Kylie Minogue has been known as a sex symbol across the world for quite some time. Never one to shy away from sexual imagery, the Aussie chanteuse gyrates on a mechanical bull in this provocative commercial for the British lingerie brand that’s been aptly named Agent Provocateur.

The commercial can be seen as a clear attempt to induce boners but we’re assuming that the menfolk had no complaints about it. I’ll tell you what, Victoria doesn’t have half the number of secrets like this one.

2. Wilkinson Sword Quattro

Pubic hair has always been associated with “bush” and “hedges” but never did we imagine an entire song being written on it until this commercial came along.

This hilarious U.K. commercial from Wilkinson Sword Quattro is laden with double entendre. Looking seemingly innocent at first, the commercial soon treads along dark and “bushy” territories. In fact, we’d caution you to watch the video with the sound off.

“Mow the lawn”, “Trim the hedges”; we’ll let the rest of the ad explain itself!

3. Carl’s Jr.

The bikini car wash has been a tried and tested method for arousing sexual fantasies ever since the inception of cars and bikinis. On the other hand, the burger fantasy has been trending since… honestly, that’s not even a thing! But that didn’t discourage American fast food company Carl’s Jr. from combining the bikini car wash fantasy with burgers.

This commercial, featuring Paris Hilton with Carl’s Jr. Spicy BBQ Burger, stuck with people despite being banned. Also, the burger only makes a cameo appearance in the ad. But do you really care?


Big, dripping burgers aren’t the only things that can be made into commercials with sexually charged content. It looks like PETA has been relying on sex to garner attention since 1991. And guess what, they have only upped the ante over time.

PETA’s “we’d rather go naked than wear fur” philosophy made them onboard half-naked models for this commercial who used vegetables in very sexually suggestive ways while boasting about the sexual prowess of vegetarians.

Wait a min! Did they say vegetarians have better sex? Well, I think I am going to abstain from meat for some time!

5. Levi’s

While this ad from Levi’s features a woman in her innerwear, it also has an element of humor. Nevertheless, the ad was banned for its sexually titillating content.

The ad runs on the tried and tested premise of the “fake blind man” and takes it several notches higher through its risqué content. The ad features a woman on the run who needs to get out of her disguise. She rushes to an already occupied bathroom where she assumes the man sitting inside is visually challenged, based on his walking stick and sunglasses. The ad shows the woman getting a little audacious as she places her crotch inches from his face while buttoning up her fly, thinking all this while that he's blind.

As it turns out, the guy wasn’t blind and loved every bit of the entire episode. As did we!

Bottom Line

So that was the list of some of the most raunchy commercials. While these ads work wonders for some brands, others come under heavy fire for their overly sexually charged content. While I don’t see any problem with such ads, marketing intelligence says that you shouldn’t ignore half of your potential audience in a bid to come up with something sexy. If you have to come up with something sexy, ensure that it’s hot for everyone regardless of their gender.

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