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5 Successful Malaysian Ads That All Budding Marketers Must Watch

We covered some of the best Singaporean ads in one of our blogs last week. And this week we are back with some awesome Malaysian commercials that will help you enhance your marketing game manifolds. So, if you have been trying to decode the secret to a successful marketing campaign, this blog is for you.

Here are 5 successful Malaysian adverts that will inspire you and help you make a mark in the advertising world; not just in Malaysia but across the globe.

1. Maxis: This Is My Name

They say what’s in a name. Well, pretty much everything if your name is in absolute contrast to your personality.

Maxis released a touching and inspiring ad for CNY 2015 that revolved around a short-heightened boy, whose name “Kao Sheng” didn’t quite fit his persona. Or that’s what he thought. However, as things pan out, the young chap realizes that it’s not our outward appearances that define our name. Our names are instead a reflection of what we are from within.

2. Petronas: Rendang Soraya

As we said in our blog on successful Singaporean adverts, a recipe isn’t merely a dish, it’s also a carrier of one’s memories. And this 2015 Hari Raya ad by Petronas works on the same premise.

The ad shows a girl heading to her home to celebrate Hari Raya. Through flashbacks, we see her mother guiding her while she cooks rendang and also telling her to add her secret ingredient. We are later taken to the present day where the girl presents her cooked rendang to her father and awaits his reaction. It’s only at that point that the audience finds out that the girl’s mother is no more, however, her memory lives on through the recipe that she had passed on to her daughter.

3. Pizza Hut: So Light So Tasty

You know you are in for a comedy treat as soon as you spot Jenn Chia in any ad. And this 2021 Pizza Hut proves exactly why.

The ad showcases Jenn Chia as a flight attendant and takes viewers on a journey of discovering Pizza Hut’s new and airy crust. If the product’s mouth-watering credentials weren’t enough, Jenn Chia’s comedic description of the pizza and the “boing boing” effect make sure that the audience listens through the entire “instructions”, which they barely do on a real flight.

4. CIMB Bank: Sound of a Nation

Malaysia is a nation of wide-ranging cultures, ethnicities, and languages, which makes it quite challenging for brands to get their message across to their audiences. But CIMB Bank came up with an ingenious way to pay tribute to the rich Malaysian diversity in 2018 on Malaysia Day.

The ad approaches the concept of a symphony by showcasing how Malaysians from different communities could come together to form a single and harmonious piece of music. CIMB began by inviting Malaysians to send their portraits, which were then translated into melodies through facial recognition. In doing so, the Sound of a Nation campaign celebrated the unity and diversity of the Malaysian nation.

5. RHB Bank: Love Carries On

For its 2021 CNY ad campaign, RHB came out with an advert that could usher in hope and autism anywhere and everywhere.

The ad revolved around the incredible true story of a father who refuses to let his physically challenged daughter down- both literally and figuratively. After the girl lost her mobility due to a disease, the father carried her to school every day. The ad serves as a source of motivation for everyone, egging people to stand by one another during their most difficult times.

Wrapping Up

And that's a wrap of some of the most successful Malaysian commercials. As you might have observed, the ads here either used comedy or emotions to get their message across to their audience. While there’s a lot to marketing, you can always begin with comedy and emotions for starters; and there’s a lot more to explore.

We’ll be back with more awesome commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!

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