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5 Tools to Help You Run A Highly Successful Influencer Marketing Program

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Establishing networks and attracting new consumers have both been made possible by influencer marketing, which has shown to be an extremely successful approach. According to Influencermarketinghub, 92% of marketers said their influencer strategy was efficient in the past few months, and 39% want to boost their influencer marketing expenses in the upcoming year.

It may also be rather costly if you account for the duration required for you (or a workforce) to set up the necessary connections. Several influencer marketing software applications simplify the procedure and thus are probable to yield savings. Software solutions are available that address influencer finding with relationship managing, campaign management, third-party monitoring, influencer content amplification, influencer markets, and other similar areas.

Your business may reach out to fresh audiences in manners that matter to them by skillfully leveraging the impact of social media influencers. Fortunately, you may maximize your efforts by using many helpful influencer marketing tools.

The app Affiliately works with Shopify and other e-commerce platforms without any difficulties. Featuring tracking via tagged hyperlinks, email, discount codes, or QR codes, it provides a quick and simple approach to setting up an affiliate plan. Brands may establish profiles for associates and designate the amount and to whom to pay. The primary benefit of Affiliatly is its simplicity, although it nevertheless has many of the similar key abilities as its more costly rivals.

An all-inclusive virtual marketplace is Curalate. In finding advocates, promoting and disseminating their content, and measuring the effectiveness of their efforts, their influencer advertising service enables businesses. Combining Curalate's existing services, such as Fanreel, Showroom, and Like2Buy gives business companies a variety of methods to include user-generated content (UGC) and foster times of discovery across digital platforms.

Curalate encourages:

  • Campaign strategy

  • Influencer & hashtag insights

  • Analytics and statistics for individual posts and campaigns

  • The ability to reuse and label influencer content and advertisements

  • Add influential content to your webpage

Pitchbox's capacity to modify templates and create unique follow-ups enables you to expand your engagement with influencers. The software monitors every stage of the outreach process, covering general strategy, influencer recognition, and campaign details to save marketing departments from manually maintaining a count of specifics. Additionally, you may use the data analysis and reporting options to assist in the data-driven decision-making procedure. Marketers using Pitchbox claim an improvement in respondents of about 62% per observation. Among its other significant qualities are:

  • Send email follow-ups automatically.

  • Plan email distribution for the ideal dates and times possible.

  • Utilize data-driven themes using conditional logic.

Named "Best Influencer Marketing Platform" by Digiday and "Best in Beauty" by the Shorty Awards in 2018 is an all-in-one platform called Mavrck. It includes features that let brands engage customers at every step of their purchasing process. The ideal users of this all-inclusive influencer platform are businesses or organizations wishing to manage more than 250 campaigns each month.

Therefore, Mavrck's software may streamline your product offerings whether you want to collaborate with top personalities in your sector or want to identify the social superstars within your current clients and employees. Its factors emphasize the importance of:

  • Experience with a white-labeled brand

  • Predicting outcomes depending upon essential performance measures

  • Trademark safety and fraudulent detection via automation

  • Continuity of measurement

Boasting 82 billion followers overall, Upfluence evaluates around 3 million influencers. The program analyses every content element for accessibility and interaction while simultaneously indexing and updating each profile in real-time. A live Capture is a new tool that seeks out the ideal brand influencers. The e-commerce influencer marketing software supposes that your consumers are the finest brand ambassadors and can help spread the word about your products.

Utilizing as many terms as required, brands and marketers may conduct searches with Upfluence to locate influencers. All main social media networks get covered by Upfluence, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Twitch, and TikTok.


Brands may employ influencer branding techniques to accomplish their objectives more quickly rather than going about it in the "conventional" manner. Additionally, many influencer marketing solutions provide insightful data about your initiatives and influencer relationships for you to stay on top of trends. This insight might be beneficial when deciding on crucial aspects for future campaigns.

Furthermore, these tools leverage AI search, filters, and interaction analytics to select the ideal influencers for your company, helping you interact with the appropriate influencers. By simply examining the competitors, it may make data-driven decisions to review influencer performance and enhance upcoming initiatives.


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