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5 Tourism Ads That were Unintentionally Funny

I know, I know! It’s the Chinese New Year, a time when people from all around the world come back home to celebrate it with their families. So, it’s not exactly the best time to discuss tourism. But if you’ve been following our #FunnyFridays segment you’d know that it’s all about crazy ads. And just as a blog on tourism during this time of the year doesn’t make sense, the tourism videos that we’re about to bring to you didn’t make much sense either.

So, here are 5 hilarious tourism videos that missed the mark.

1. Miami Beach Tourism: Color Me Fun

I have no clue what the makers were thinking when they decided to come up with this advert. The ad featured hippy chicks wearing cheesecloth who kept asking on the camera “What color are you?”

The length of this commercial was enough to help it qualify as a short film. Moreover, the ad turned out to be a cesspool of bad acting and gestures that could crack anyone up.

2. Scotland Tourism: Homecoming Scotland 2009

You know the ad is going to be a hilarious one when you see Scottish golfers and rugby players singing against artificial backgrounds. Add to it their dead expressions and you’ll have an ad as grotesque as this one.

I mean look at Sir Chris Hoy; there’s no way you can watch him smile without betraying laughter. Well, at least Sean Connery was smart enough to do the part where he didn’t have to sing. Or else the ad might have turned out to be even funnier than it already is.

3. Australia Tourism: Paul Hogan Ad

“You’re gonna get wet in Australia?” Damn right!😂 You know the ad is going to be funny when has utterances like those in it.

Also, here’s a fun fact- a shrimp in Australia refers to a small person, not a prawn. And why Paul Hogan offers to throw an extra one on a BBQ for his American guests is never quite explained, which makes it all the more funny considering the ambiguity that creeps in.

4. Canada Tourism: Banff Commercial

Ah, I have no idea why the makers decided to make such an ad, and did they actually think of running this on TV? God help their marketing!

There are a hundred things wrong with this ad and there’s just one reason responsible for all of it- the squirrel. The makers of this ad thought that just because a photo-bombing squirrel is a funny internet meme, it could also work wonders for their tourism ad. Well, guess not! The ad is unintentionally funny with the squirrel suddenly emerging in unexpected places but it doesn’t really get you many tourists, I guess.

5. Newfoundland Tourism: Windy Ad

It’s one thing to sell potential tourists the fun that they might have by visiting Newfoundland where the winds blow in full swing and a completely different story if you present to them imagery of clothes drying because of such winds. I mean what is this destination- apparently a great place to dry your washed clothes?

It’s no wonder we don’t hear much about Newfoundland as a great tourist destination. Their marketing game needs to step up. The ad is genuinely funny but not because the makers wanted it to be.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of yet another #FunnyFridays segment. Believe it or not, unintentionally funny ads like the ones discussed in this blog are much funnier than ads that creators actually wanted to be funny. It’s because they have the most unexpected elements of humor, which are otherwise difficult to incorporate into aunty ad film.

We wish you a very happy Chinese New Year and hope that the new year brings you health and prosperity.

We’ll be back with more awesome videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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