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5 Weird Korean Commercials That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

There’s no dearth of weird commercials on the Internet. And when it comes to South Korean commercials, they are right at the forefront of weirdness. While the South Korean advertisement industry has come up with plenty of awesome commercials over the years, some Korean ads make no practical sense and fail to offer any logic behind their creation. But you might still find some of these funny.

So, here we are with 5 weird South Korean ads you must know about.

1. WINIX Dehumidifier

This commercial for WINIX dehumidifier shows actress Kim Seul Gi getting super agitated by the rain.

The message couldn’t be more clear. But the amount of agony that is showcased in the ad makes the viewers think if it is really the rain that is bothering the young woman. Because I’ve never seen anyone get so perturbed by the rain.

2. Lotte Pyeongon Tea

While this commercial looks straight out of another one of those Korean dramas, the truth is that this is a tea commercial.

Pyeongon Tea translates to “Peace Tea”, which suggests that tea will give you peace of mind so that you don’t go around slapping people across their faces. Thank God, they came up with this otherwise people would have beaten each other black and blue.

3. Moga App

This commercial is a prime example of introducing elements within your ad campaign that your product has nothing to do with.

The ad is for an app that helps people find a motel. While the characters are cute, I found it utterly disturbing that the characters were sexualized. Moreover, these aren’t some random characters but individuals from children’s stories, which not only seems questionable but also downright weird.

4. Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power

Not only is this commercial weird, but the product is questionable too. In fact, I didn’t even know that they have products for such purposes until I watched this ad.

The commercial is for a product that offers exercise for horseback riding. But wait, that’s not the problem at all. The issue is that the product helps your body work out through a thrusting motion that is downright weird. I can’t think of a more weird way to work out!

5. Android Cellphone Service

SKTelecom, a cellphone service provider in Korea, promoted its Android cellphone services with this commercial, which depicts Android as a young but powerful baby.

While both the elements of youth and strength are amply clear from this commercial, I can’t really help but wonder if urinating on the man was the only way to convey the message. Also, the image of the man being pushed away by a ferocious stream of urine isn’t easy to get out of your head.

Wrapping Up

And that was a wrap of the 5 weirdest Korean commercials. While there is no shortage of commercials devoid of any logic, these Korean ads certainly top the list. But you’ve got to agree that they are funny.

We’ll be back with more interesting commercials for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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