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Best Social Commerce Platforms in 2022

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

As you may already know, social commerce was inevitably going to be a significant influence. And during the past few years, its popularity has been steadily expanding. The value of social commerce sales in 2022 is estimated to be $958 billion.

Businesses have started creating tools and platforms to facilitate social commerce for customers and sellers, similar to how they do with most forms of online marketing. These help companies search for methods to use social media in sales and promotion. In addition, social commerce platforms improve the usability and appeal of the customer's social purchasing experience.

What Are Social Commerce Platforms?

Contrary to the bulk of the other platform categories, a social platform's concept and its available features are not well-defined. People most often view it as a pathway that facilitates social commerce to take place. Despite the fact that we have included some of the most popular social networks on our list, not all of them are social commerce platforms. Instead, they now include social commerce aspects that enable online purchasing, generally without requiring users to exit the application. On top of that, some have actually evolved into independent markets.

Social commerce, of course, encompasses more than simply purchasing and selling. It includes every step of the selling cycle, from research to after-sales support.

The Best Social Commerce Platforms In 2022


With Taggshop, companies can deliver a comprehensive purchasing experience and boost their revenues, reputation, visibility, and engagement. It enables you to transform any user-generated content (UGC) into shoppable streams and galleries. Just gather content, tag items, and post galleries on the eCommerce website. Shoppable feeds enable consumers to get influenced and make purchases, increasing conversions, generating sales, and steadily increasing profits.


Bazaarvoice, like Taggshop, focuses on leveraging UGC to sway the target market and establish brand trust. To provide consumers with improved shopping experiences, they collaborate with brands, customers, and retailers.

The goal is to establish a simple rapport with customers in order to raise brand recognition. They support e-commerce companies in refining their websites to provide users with a social purchasing experience and convert them into devoted clients.

Amazon Live

Amazon Live typically uses a different strategy as compared to other platforms. It allows businesses to communicate with customers in real-time through purchasable live streams. With a configuration that enables in-the-moment brand contact, Amazon Live can motivate, instruct, and engage clients.

You may use it to connect customers to your goods and give them the details they need to make informed decisions about purchases. In an interactive setting with real-time product demos, you may also employ live broadcasts to educate audiences about the product's features, advantages, and promotional offers.

In order to promote interaction, Amazon Live also has a chat option where you can respond to inquiries and give details in real-time.


Companies may personalize the social commerce platform provided by Verint Community to increase revenue. It contains the ideal customer insights that enable you to work more effectively and provide the target audience with better outcomes in line with their needs.

The open discussion forum offered by Verint is a specialized feature that addresses the communication barrier between the company and its clients by encouraging one-on-one interactions and boosting customer loyalty.


The resale app Meesho has given the power into the people's hands. It enables people to become established as entrepreneurs without the need for resources. You only need the application and a social media profile to share the merchandise and communicate with customers.

After wholesalers offer their products on this site at discounted rates, users may share images of these items with their networks by placing a surplus on the starting price.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, e-commerce has been implemented into social networking platforms, and these social commerce trends aren't going anywhere soon. Since other brands are fully utilizing such features, there's no need for your business to drop behind.


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