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Capping The Performances That Are Catching The Eyes Of Australians And New Zealanders

YouTube continues growing massively with each passing year with YouTubers coming up with mind-blowing content around every possible topic under the sun. And it’s no different in 2022 in Australia and New Zealand!

While some Aussie and Kiwi celebrities have tried to leverage their popularity and following with YouTube as well, many other YouTubers found their calling on YouTube with sheer persistence. So, here are five top YouTubers from Australia and New Zealand whose videos are taking centre stage down under.

1. Beau Miles: Run The Rock

What can you possibly get from a combination of a rolled ankle, a wheelbarrow, and Beau Miles? An adventure! Beau has gifted his audience with a story of how he got revenge on a rock that rolled his friend’s ankle while the duo was out running.

The rock surely did a number on Beau’s friend and it’s no wonder that he wanted to get back at it in ways that he knows best. So, in classic Beau style, he turned problem-solving into an adventure and provided us with a heavy dose of laughter. Also, he dropped a few nuggets of his world-renowned wisdom in the video too.

Watch the video for its jam-packed energy, enthusiasm, and a whole lot of sweat!

2. Flume: Say Nothing

The Sydney music wizard has returned with a psychedelic film clip for his new single “Say Nothing”, which features the producer with bleach-blonde hair posing with MAY-A motorbikes. If you didn’t already know, you’d think that he was all set to be shot out of a cannon.

The single takes after its moniker and does exactly what its name implies- leaves you speechless. Flume gives his Aussie partner centre stage in a production that allows a lot of room to breathe and steers clear of his future bass origins.

3. Aunty Donna: The Social Media Competition

Comedy trio Aunty Donna hadn’t been much active on YouTube lately. So, watching them make a comeback with The Social Media Competition was certainly awesome.

The competition was an absolute disaster and the video turned out to be a guide on how not to run a social media competition. Not to mention the 150 liters of full cream milk that Mark is still left with in his garage. Yeah, that’s the real story behind the competition. Watch the video to find out.

4. Julian O’Shea: This Street Does Not Exist

Julian O’Shea’s YouTube channel features short documentaries that tell us interesting stories about the world. In his latest series, O’Shea tells us that many major landmarks, including Swanston Street, have been wiped off the map. He explains the reason behind the exclusion of one of the city’s most important streets on the map and why that needs to change.

Watch the video and the entire series to find out how blue squares on Melbourne power poles are saving lives, why trucks keep smashing into a particular bridge, and why Australia hosts the best pedestrian crossing button in the world.

Brace yourself for a healthy dose of entertainment, humor, and education!

5. F1 Australian Grand Prix: The Evolution of Albert Park

The Albert Grand Prix Circuit had evolved greatly ahead of the Formula 1® Heineken® Australian Grand Prix that was scheduled last month.

Formula 1® has moved on in so many ways from when Melbourne hosted its first race in 1996, but for all that change, the Albert Park circuit has remained largely untouched. Episode one of this four-part video series, exclusive to the Australian Grand Prix’s YouTube Channel, details the significant changes to the Albert Park Circuit ahead of the 2022 return of Formula 1® to Melbourne.

The series also features current superstars like Daniel Ricciardo, Sir Lewis Hamilton, Carlos Sainz, Pierre Gasly, George Russell, Valtteri Bottas, and the current world champion Max Verstappen, which offers fans a peek behind what they can expect from the Formula 1® Heineken® Australian Grand Prix 2022.

Bottom Line

And that was the list of some of the most popular YouTubers from down under. While Aussie and Kiwi creators have always been known to come up with high-quality content, the last couple of years has seen them assume a demigod-like status as their popularity has soared across the world. Hopefully, we’ll continue seeing more such awesome content coming up.

We’ll be back with more amazing videos for you. Till then, stay tuned!


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