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Digital Outlook 2020 - 3 Key Points for Video Marketing!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

ClickInsights recently organised Digital Outlook 2020, an event to help marketers spot early trends that will help inspire, sharpen business plans and overall performance for the year.

We asked the Video Marketing speaker, Kishan S., Founder of ThinkSocial Asia, to share 3 key things marketers should pay attention to when using videos for marketing.


  1. Universal Human Truths (UHTs) - UHTs are emotions or common experiences that your target audience is likely to have gone through. By incorporating UHTs in your videos, you can create emotional connections between your brand and your customer.

  2. Localisation - It is important to adapt your UHTs to local contexts such as festivals or experiences unique to the country. This will help strengthen the brand message and the emotional connections with the brand.

  3. Avoid stereotypes (or prevent any portrayal of unintended stereotypes) - Validate your ad with a representative sample of your target audience prior to actual ad delivery. This will help prevent any public uproar over specific elements of your ad.


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