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Google's 2020 Retail Guide - Grow Your Business With Google Ads

With the COVID-19 in the picture, the Holiday Season in 2020 will not be the same anymore. While we are still living in the nostalgia of the crowded streets with a shopping spree, this is exactly what we are going to miss during the festive and holiday season this year.

Everybody will be indulged in shopping online, making it the perfect time to get discovered online, acquire new customers, and drive more sales.

Are you thinking of the ways to reach your customers during peak hours in this holiday season? If yes, the 2020 Retail Guide by Google defines the various insights and resources to help you plan and respond to this reason. Let us have a look at the major highlights of the report.

1. Be Discoverable

According to the study, 75% of global shoppers used a Google product (Search, Maps, YouTube) in the past week to help with shopping. Google has seen rapid growth when it comes to search for any shopping item online. Google combines all the online platforms and this is how it comes to play the best role in marketing a brand.

Since the last few years, people are discovering and exploring different shopping sites and brands through Youtube and Gmail. Google Maps is another way to find a store when someone is not up for online shopping.

2. Build up your brand

Over 70% of viewers say YouTube makes them more aware of new brands while 51% of surveyed global shoppers use Google to discover or find new brands. A video representation is the best way to reach out to your audience and make an impact.

Let’s take an example. Unboxing videos are watched around millions of times before a person decides to buy the product.

The most searched keywords when it comes to shopping are Popular, Best, and Brands. So when they come searching for you, it's important for you to end up in their search results. Create more useful and visible Ads with Google by customizing your search ads with extensions.

Measure brand metrics, like impressions, reach and frequency and brand lift. Reaching to a population of millions at the comfort of your home is just an Ad Campaign away.

3. Acquire new customers

Reach new potential customers who are in the market for products like yours. Go for engaging ad formats and make the video actionable for shoppers.

Engage new customers across feeds on Google. 71% of people search in a manner that is feasible for them. So, when you run an Ad, just remember to mention your USPs along. For instance, Cheapest Wedding Clothing Brand.

It is also a very nice idea to aim for the emotional intent of the audience. Like, Paper Boat uses “Drinks & Memories” as their tagline as they brought back the drinks which were in fashion long ago when we were kids.

Keep a tab on the promotions and campaigns run by your competitors and superiors. Try to be one step ahead. Introduce your product in a way that a person remembers it forever. USPs help you to be recognized exceptionally.

Help people discover and explore your brand and product. Take a tour of the platforms which will help you to be seen and reach the shoppers to a greater extent.

Remarket your products across Google. When the audience starts getting to recognize you among a crowd that's when you need to be even more active. At this moment, start re-engaging the shoppers towards your brand and convert interest into purchase.

Here are a few tools for you:

1) Standard Remarketing

Bring out the Ads to the people who visited you before.

2) Product Remarketing

Display the Ads of your products and services to potential customers.

3) Video Remarketing

People who showed interest in your videos, pitch them with different Ads.

4) Match The Consumer Interest

Display the Ads that match your customer’s interests.

5) Insights

This is how insights help you in digging up the opportunities:

· Explore the sea of trends and pull your brand to match the customer’s expectations for the season.

· Valuable insights help reach new customers

· You can find out the whereabouts of your audience and build up a relevant message.

· Google Analytics help you with keeping track of the people who visited your website.

· Market find helps you explore new markets and provides you with a platform to reach new customers.

4. Increase Sales

Use your product feed to help shoppers discover your products, both online and offline. Drive omnichannel Sales. of surveyed global shoppers who visited a store in the last week said they searched online first.

Measure store performance and increase customer lifetime value. Plan your marketing strategy for before, during, and after your promotion or holiday to drive as many sales as possible.

  1. 5. Have a Marketing Checklist

Google recommends building a successful marketing strategy with Google Ads by:

· Finding the right customer

· Choosing the right message

· Driving Omnichannel Sales

· Optimizing and Measuring for Success

So, here’s how you can push your brand to heights with Google Ads and it’s numerous functions and features. Even if the pandemic is at large, there’s a way to find your way to the customers. Google Ads help you in becoming a recognized brand and get you an output like no other.

All of us have been a shopper once, let’s use our point of view to aim for the customer’s needs and help them fulfil the same!

Google has it all sorted for you with Gmail marketing, Video marketing through YouTube, Google Ad Campaign, and search results on Google Maps. Take your best shot and grow your brand!

If you want to dig deeper and are looking for the complete report, here’s a link to download the same!

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