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Holiday Season is a Time to Give and Share: Skyrocket Your Performance with 3 Underrated GA Features

Just like Thanksgiving, many holiday seasons center around the act of giving and sharing with close or distant family members. The same ideology works for B2B companies as well. The best way to get started for a digital marketer is to think in terms of a campaign dealing in memorable holiday marketing campaigns together with giveaways arranged according to the needs and wants of customers.

Perhaps the holiday season is the perfect time to unleash one’s creativity. A simple idea that works along the dynamics of family life, sharing, and bonding, can go a long way in understanding the human psyche. Adding fun activities can also perk up people’s interests to keep them hooked. It's no secret that Google Analytics is one of the most powerful (and popular) web analytics platforms out there. This is perhaps the reason that 55.49% of websites utilize this service.

But even with all its features, some are often underutilized or unknown. That's why we're uncovering three of our favorite underrated Google Analytics features to boost your holiday marketing performance.

These can help you track more detailed visitor information, uncover conversion funnels, measure user engagement, and more.

Our Three Favorite Google Analytics Features

1) See How Important Referral Traffic Is for Your Performance

You might think you have a good idea of which referral sources are important for your website's performance. But have you ever used Google Analytics to verify that?

The Referral Traffic report in Google Analytics can show you exactly which sources drive traffic to your website. And not just the total number of visitors from each source, but also the conversion rate and the value of that traffic.

2) Use Machine Learning to Automate Insights

Moving on, let’s investigate one of the most powerful features of Google Analytics—machine learning. The algorithm utilizes data from past campaigns to anticipate and recommend actions that will significantly increase your performance.

For example, it can be used to determine which keywords bring in the most conversions or which days have the highest traffic. You can also use it to forecast future trends and assess seasonal fluctuations.

By taking advantage of machine learning capabilities, you’ll be able to automate the insight-gathering process and save yourself a lot of time. With this technology at your fingertips, you’ll be able to make more accurate decisions quickly, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and take your holiday campaign performance metrics to the next level!

3) Setup Advanced Alerts to Track Performance Changes

Set up advanced alerts to track performance changes. Advanced alerts make sure you don't miss any important changes in performance metrics. With these alerts, you can know when certain thresholds are met or exceeded.

For example, if there's a sudden drop in pageviews, an alert can be sent so you can take action quickly. It also allows you to keep track of positive trends, such as an increase in traffic or conversions. Alerts make it easier to stay on top of your performance data and make the most of your analytics investment.

To set up advanced alerts, head to "Admin" settings on the left sidebar and locate the "Advanced Alerts" section. Here you'll be able to create customized alerts based on metrics like traffic patterns, keywords, goal conversions, and more—giving you a much better insight into your performance than before.

Final Words

As you can see, Google Analytics packs many underrated features that will surely improve your holiday marketing campaign performance. No wonder over 4 million websites in the U.S. have Google Analytics! So, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, make sure you give this tool a chance.

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