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[Marketing Guru Video Series] 3 Recent Trends in Content Marketing

Content marketing on digital platforms is particularly important right now, with the increased use of the internet. Where should you invest your marketing dollars?

Elizabeth Taylor, Senior Trainer at ClickAcademy Asia, shares 3 content marketing trends you can consider in your content strategy.

Increased use of the internet

The top 3 uses of the internet in Singapore:

  1. News (75%)

  2. Messaging (73%)

  3. Websites and Social Media (72%)

Increased popularity of video

Video has been growing in popularity but the pandemic has greatly accelerated its consumption, especially on platforms like IGTV and Facebook Watch. According to a survey by the Global Web Index, 23% of those surveyed said that they would watch more videos going forward, 46% of which would watch on the Youtube platform. This is particularly pertinent for the younger audiences (Gen Z and Millenials).

Increased popularity of live video

Facebook Live is now second to Youtube in popularity amongst GenZ and Millenials. Live video has been able to bring brands and consumers together during this time, as it is an authentic way to gain connection.

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