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[Marketing Guru Video Series] 4 Important Tips For Online Copywriting

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

When you write any copy for website, landing pages, social media post or marketing email, we need to consider a few key factors that are not present in traditional copywriting.

Eu Gene Ang, Lead Trainer at ClickAcademy Asia, shares 4 tips to creating eye-catching headlines and content for your business.

Key differences between online and print:

Users don’t really read everything you write online.

They scan and typically read only 20% of the text and words you have in your website or social media post.

Reading on the phone is very hard.

There are distractions, reflection and glare from the screen, small screen size and the likelihood that the reader is moving about.

Internet users are impatient and have short attention spans.

They want the information as fast as possible.

Here are some online copywriting techniques that you can use:

1. Keep your paragraphs short.

Ensure that each paragraph has only one main point. When the users scan your article, they will see a lot of white space and that is good

2. Use visuals or numerals as landmarks in your copy.

This will provide a visual aid to the users who scan and point them to the important points of your article.

3. Use bullet points.

This has been proven to improve scannability of your copy and guide users to the main points.

4. Spend time crafting your headlines.

The headline is everything. A good headline has been proven to increase the engagement rate for your content.

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