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Moz Pro Review: Does It Still Hold Up in 2023?

When talking about SEO, Moz is like a household name. Started back in 2004 as an online SEO community, it is one of the oldest SEO tools available in the industry. But amidst a plethora of SEO solutions like SEMrush and Ahrefs today (psst! We have already reviewed these two, so don’t forget to check them out on our blog), does Moz still hold up well?

In this comprehensive review, we will go over Moz Pro, its most noteworthy features, pricing, etc. and try to give you some clarity about whether this tool is for you or your business. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

What is Moz Pro?

Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO suite developed by Moz to help businesses and marketers improve their website's visibility in search engine results. It offers an intuitive interface with data-driven insights. From basic tasks like keyword research to advanced jobs like competitive analysis; this toolset has got you covered.

Now going forward, let's touch on some of the key features Moz Pro has to offer.

1. Keyword Research

Playing a pioneering role in the SEO industry since 2004, Moz has really taken that experience and put it into an all-in-one keyword research tool. Moz Pro's keyword explorer is one of the most comprehensive research tools available.

You can create and manage your keyword lists; keywords can be compared, categorized, and arranged in order of priority (such as by Search Volume, Keyword Difficulty, and CTR). From one of the most comprehensive and trustworthy keyword databases available, Moz Pro offers smart, intuitive suggestions so you can have thousands of high-quality keywords (or should we say keyword opportunities?) to outrank your competitors.

2. Rank Tracking

Rank tracking is one of the fundamental fragments of the SEO game. And Moz Pro provides the right toolset to master this craft. With its built-in rank-tracking feature, you can monitor the performance of your website's keyword rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs) over time; simply put, you get to know how well your website is ranking for specific keywords. And with these valuable insights, you can identify the areas and opportunities for improvement.

But there is so much more. You can customize your tracking parameters, such as location, device, etc. It is great for targeting specific demographics. Plus, you can compare your website's keyword rankings with those of your competitors. This, again, allows for benchmarking performance and discovering potential keyword opportunities.

3. Site Crawl

Undetected issues with your website can hurt its SERP ranking. Moz Pro's Site Crawl feature helps you avoid such disasters. Let's see how!

It's automatic, mostly. Just run it and it will comprehensively scan the website for issues like broken links, missing tags, or duplicate content - pretty much everything that may be impeding your ability to attract high-quality traffic and rank higher.

This tool also constantly monitors your website's health, sending you alerts any time it finds issues worth your attention. Of course, you can set the frequency and scope of the scan/crawl as per your preference. And best of all, it also gives you recommendations on how to fix the detected issues.

4. On-page Optimization

Your website needs to meet the needs of its visitors - ensuring that they land on the right page and find the information they seek. This is essential for the site to perform better in SERPs. And Moz Pro's on-page optimization feature helps you achieve that - by optimizing various aspects of individual web pages to make them more relevant and valuable to search engines and visitors.

This component of Moz Pro gives all pages on your website a Page Optimization Score, which is handy for identifying pages with the potential to rank higher and making the necessary adjustments. And even better, it also gives you relevant content suggestions based on topics and keywords similar to yours.

5. Link Explorer

The quality of your inbound links (backlinks) defines your website's SERPs performance to a great extent. This is because search engines consider backlinks as a vote of confidence and authority for a website. With a rich link profile, you can boost your website's chances of ranking higher.

Moz Pro's Link Explorer generates a comprehensive link profile for your website by analyzing backlinks, linking domains, anchor text, etc. What's interesting is that you can compare your link profile to that of your competitors. So, pick your top four competitors (with higher Domain Authority than yours) and discover why they rank higher.

When crafting and executing your link-building strategy, you could not ask for a better tool. Link Explorer allows you to set goals and track them with intuitive Link Tracking Lists. You can even create a number of lists, all targeting different URLs.

6. Custom Reports

With Moz Pro's Custom Reports feature you can create and customize reports to display SEO data and insights in a visually attractive and professional format. This feature offers a way to summarize key metrics, track progress, and share information with clients, team members, or stakeholders.

To save time and effort, you can use a pre-built template (there are tons to choose from) as a starting point and build your report from there. If set up, Custom Reports can run on a regular basis and automatically deliver reports to recipients via email. Plus, you can customize various elements, including the branding, design, and the specific data you want to include.

7. Pricing

Moz Pro offers four pricing plans - Standard ($99/mo), Medium ($179/mo), Large ($299/mo), and Premium ($599/mo). They offer support for 3, 10, 25, and 50 SEO campaigns respectively. Also, there is a 30-day free trial.

When compared to SEMrush, Moz Pro has better pricing for beginner plans but not for top-tier plans. SEMrush's most expensive plan is $450/mo, whereas Moz Pro's most expensive one is $599/mo.

Bottom Line

Coming from SEO experts who have been in the industry for over a decade, Moz Pro brings a lot to the table. It's rich in features, reliable, and easy to use - ideal for anyone looking to level up their SEO game. But sometimes, especially for new users, price is a major factor.

If you are just starting with SEO or your business does not need too many campaigns, we would recommend Moz Pro or Ahrefs. But if you are a large-scale business, it is better to go with SEMrush - a tool designed to be more affordable and suitable for enterprises. Anyway, no one size fits all. So, try out Moz Pro for a 30-day free trial and see if it meets your needs.


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