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Pakistan's Google Search Habits 2020

In today's digital landscape, marketers have had to make constant changes to their brand strategy according to the varying trends on the internet. Digital marketing has become one of the main areas of focus, as most consumers shift online to satisfy their needs. To keep a steady rise in business and retain loyalty, brands need to find a way of understanding their target audience and the digital platforms they're active in a while finding a unique way of creating their own presence.

In Google's latest report titled- “What is Pakistan Searching For?”, marketers get an insight into how online search in Pakistan has shifted with the COVID-19 pandemic. The report highlights the key findings that will help marketers get an understanding of how to breakthrough their target market in Pakistan.

A deeper insight into the report

1. Piqued interest in environmental affairs

Due to increasing interest in environmental affairs, Pakistanis look to digital media to educate themselves. This also results in a change in consumption habits, with people being more environmentally conscious. The search for sustainable goods and words like climate change (1.5x), global warming (1.5x), and reusable (1.3x) have increased to a large extent.

2. Convenience steals the spotlight

When it comes to searching online, Pakistanis look for convenience and speed as a primary factor. There is a significant increase in the "same-day delivery" search, whereas "near me" search sees a 138% growth over time.

This also brings forth the desire to have only the best products through convenient means, especially since the supply for products is at an all-time high. At least 76% of consumers are likely to purchase from mobile sites with a convenient process, while 53% of consumers tend to leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load a page.

Due to the pandemic, a surge in the online banking spectrum with a 1.4x increase in the search for generic and brand-specific banking options. Similarly, food delivery has become the norm, with a 162% increase in queries for apps such as Food Panda.

3. Looking Out For Overall Well Being

Pakistanis have become increasingly aware of their personal hygiene and well-being. There has been a drastic shift towards a healthy lifestyle, with an 80% increase in workout video searches. While Pakistan has a culture of rich food, importance to nutrients and super-foods has increased significantly. Furthermore, mental health has taken the forefront after the COVID-19 situation. Queries for self-care (1.7x) and self-development books (400%) have seen a drastic demand.

4. Community Outreach and Support

As restrictions are imposed due to the lock-down, connectivity has become the need of the hour. With a 78% rise in searching for "data packages" and "apps," the consumers are looking to rebuild a sense of community online.

Social apps for meetings have seen a high with a 350% increase in queries for Google Hangouts and Meet. “With Me” content has also flooded the digital landscape with a 150% increase in their search.

5. Digital Video and Entertainment Boom

As Pakistanis are confined at home, a boom in the consumption of digital videos and streaming content is observed. YouTube has become a favorite video destination with an 80% switch between search and video to research a product.

Similarly, 73% of Pakistanis use YouTube every month for various purposes. Local Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) has also seen a spike while Netflix and Amazon Prime Video see 82% and 111% growth, respectively.

Cricket being the primary sport of the country, has been popular with the usage of online platforms to stream matches. 1600% increase in-game currency search also shows that Pakistanis have taken to gaming like a fish to water.

The report gives an overall analysis of the current consumption landscape and an insight into what the audience might be using to pass the time. To read more about “What is Pakistan Searching For?”, click here to download the report.


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