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Remarketing Tools for Reengaging and Winning Conversions––Focus on Audience

In today's world, making your brand stand out and getting a large audience that is beneficial for your brand is possible with the help of remarketing tools.

These tools attract your target audience who are interested in your brand by showing them personalized and customized advertisements and promotions catering to their needs. Remarketing helps potential customers to visit your brand’s site again, and eventually, a conversion would take place.

Remarketing tools have numerous benefits, from reengaging relevant audiences to your brand to win conversions. Especially since sellers would now have to get hold of first-party files for the marketing of their company campaigns as Google is discontinuing third-party cookies.

Go over this article to learn about different remarketing tools to help bring excellent conversions to your brand.

Remarketing using Google Ads

Google already has an enormous consumer base, with almost everyone browsing on it. Having remarketing tactics on Google for brands that use this platform for their everyday advertising campaigns would be a great way to promote their business to customers who seem interested in what they provide.

Google ads remarketing allows businesses to provide personalized ads in form of different text, pictures, and videos to customers who once visited your site by understanding their needs and demands.


· Connects easily with current Google ads.

· Remarkets syncing different Google devices.


· Customers get annoyed due to a large number of ads.

· Policy changes in cookies leave things from getting finalized. E.g. Google Analytics 4 does not allow dynamic remarketing.


Google ads remarketing would cost you $0.65 to $1.25 per click.


AdRoll uses artificial intelligence and helps revisit buyers to your website who once did visit it but did not end up in a conversion. The AdRoll technology tracks the behaviors of the visitors to showcase customized ads to them based on their preferences for products that initially made them visit your platform.

AdRoll works on numerous networks, including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. It even sends emails to customers who once started shopping on your website but did not end up checking out.


· The system is simple.

· Highly customizable ads are available.


· Slow customer service

· Reporting cannot be done in real-time


The cost of this marketing tool depends on the number of visitors to your website. E.g., the price for 5000 monthly visitors would be $72 per month.


ConvertFlow provides personalized remarketing ads to customers from start to end until a conversion is made. This platform uses automation to tag visitors and divides them into different categories based on their needs, demands, and overall behavior.

This technology allows them to come across the appropriate marketing campaign for them, leading to a great conversion. It also provides person-based CTAs to customers who return to the website once again, advertising only the products relevant to them.


· Direct targeting.

· Coding experience is not required to use this tool.


· Might be some delays in loading

· Expensive for young start-ups and small businesses.


ConvertFlow offers a free trial for the first 250 conversions and then a 2-week free trial for the Pro Plan. After the free trial, there are 3 packages you can choose from.

Pro Plan- $99/month for 10,000 monthly visitors.

Team Plan- $300/month for 10,000 monthly visitors

Business Plan- $800/month for 100,000 monthly visitors.

Facebook Custom Audiences

This tool helps revisit the Facebook users of your brand who have once visited it before. It shows them relevant ads based on the data gained from your company website or from Facebook itself. Ads show up during scrolling and customers are more likely to purchase from your business, ending up in conversions.


· Effective Facebook advertising method.

· Makes customers check out.


· It is specific to only a small population that once visited your brand.


The prices are dependent on your budget, CPC, and CPM costs.

Final Thoughts

Remarketing tools are a great way to end up in conversions. It helps customers think about your brands since ads are personalized to the customer preferences and hence, they are more likely to make a purchase when they see the ads in their day-to-day online work.


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