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Things ChatGPT Can and Can't Do

Over the past several years, several artificial intelligence technologies have skyrocketed. AI writing programs, text-to-image converters, and even AI self-portraits have astounded everyone across the globe. And recently, we are already getting a taste of the future of AI technology-– thanks to ChatGPT, an AI chatbot now dominating the internet.

The algorithmic software has gained attention for its capability to mimic human speech and simplify many time-consuming tasks, crossing one million users within a week of its debut.

According to Reuters, ChatGPT's owner OpenAI expects to earn $1 billion in income by the end of 2024, but what is it excellent at, and what can it do?

Here are some observations in case you are unsure about its cans and can't.

ChatGPT gets driven by the GPT-3.5 set of models developed on Azure AI high-performance computing infrastructure utilizing text and code data. The AI's skills have enhanced to handle unusual, technical, conceptual, or specified demands.

OpenAI intends to crowdfund feedback by learning from the questions everyone who uses ChatGPT asks and how effectively the system works by making its sophisticated chatbot available for public preview.

What Can ChatGPT Not Do?

There are a few crucial aspects in knowing where ChatGPT does not operate and its limitations. These include:

No Access to the Internet

The present prototype does not have access to the internet, making it an important point to note. Thus, any replies it delivers are entirely coming from offline-trained models. You can not ask ChatGPT questions such as, What is Amazon's current phone number? Or updates on today's weather. In response to some questions, it will state that it cannot get the knowledge that is not a part of its training dataset.

Outdated Information

It is one of ChatGPT's limitations as a search engine unless there is a means for ChatGPT's training model to get adjusted. ChatGPT will give you up-to-date results in most cases. Steve Mollan adds that "as long as you are aware of this, ChatGPT may be a beneficial tool" when telling Fortune.

Like many AI models, ChatGPT is limited in its training data.


ChatGPT can provide discriminating outcomes––has also shown social biases. Because when training data is skewed, its model is undoubtedly to be a skew as well. It is a problem that almost every AI tool faces, making it essential to know and address as you try to assure fairness and decrease prejudice in technology.


Being accessible to the general public, ChatGPT has some traffic concerns, which is why it cannot come unlimited. The website, which runs ChatGPT, is now experiencing a significant volume of traffic from time to time and is at capacity. In other words, it has limited its range to a particular number of visitors every session. As a result, you must wait in line for your turn.

What Can ChatGPT Do?

Nevertheless, by putting its advanced chatbot in public preview, here are five instances where ChatGPT can be at your service and what it can do with its distinct functionality.

Answers Questions

Chatbots and virtual assistants seem likely to resemble human conversation evermore. Especially with ChatGPT being an enhanced form, the chief purpose is that it can answer your queries and explain complex topics. Furthermore, with the latest ChatGPT tech, you can schedule an appointment or a meeting just by sitting at home. The goal of such systems of artificial intelligence is to provide tailored client support.

Creates Content

Whether you want to generate a song or construct a unique essay, ChatGPT has your back. Another potential use for this tool is to provide fresh concepts for blog entries or other sorts of content. By studying a large amount of text, the algorithm may understand the structure and format of a particular type of content. Choose any point of view before you begin writing, and ChatGPT will already know your niche.

Furthermore, according to Unita’s Blog, with over one million users, ChatGPT is rapidly becoming a go-to tool for content planners. This factor also saves you half of the work and energy you put into creating content manually.

Write Code and Debug

It will not only find bugs but also fix them and describe how to do so in simple English (non-coded). ChatGPT is capable of understanding, writing, and even debugging code. You occasionally encounter errors in your code, whether, an expert programmer or a novice. You may avoid spending many hours searching through your code for a missed comma by using ChatGPT to pin-pointing the issue.

Writes Software

Benjamin J. Radford, an assistant professor at UNCC and an ML enthusiast, requested ChatGPT to "write the code for a tic-tac-toe game to a file, used GCC to build the file, and then ran the file," and the request got fulfilled.

Describe and Instruct

It's astonishing how nicely ChatGPT explains vocabulary and even physics. How students interact with the world may drastically change when AI tutoring tools like ChatGPT develop and improve more.


ChatGPT has generated enthusiasm in the market and shown appropriateness for various significant use cases. Chen, a former Google developer who worked on the company's name-brand search engine, said, “ChatGPT does impress people, surprise people.” “The reasoning ability is something that probably surprised a lot of machine learning practitioners.” Even though ChatGPT is a revolutionary AI tool, it is still a work in progress.


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