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Year In Search: An Overview of What People Searched for in Singapore In 2022

We’re back with another segment of the Google 2022 Search Report. In our previous blogs, we analyzed the search trends in India, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, and, Australia & New Zealand. In our today’s blog, let’s see how the search trends have picked up in Singapore in 2022.

Google’s annual Year in Search report consolidates some of the latest consumer trends in APAC, which can help brands gauge what to expect from their existing and potential customers in the current year. The report consists of findings from 12 APAC markets, including Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia & New Zealand.

Here are the major findings of the Year in Search report for the Singaporean market.

1. Job Marketplace

Just like in most other APAC countries, people in Singapore are also increasingly looking for job opportunities that allow them their personal space. Also, the COVID-19 pandemic has made people realize that their lives and peace of mind are of much higher significance than they had thought.

Thus, it’s no surprise that the search interest around “occupational burnout” has been on the rise in Singapore and many other APAC countries.

2. The Rise of Great Resignation

While the great resignation can be seen as an offshoot of a greater focus on work-life balance, this may also indicate a rising disillusionment from jobs. The great resignation wave touched down in Singapore too where disillusioned and disenchanted employees often took to Google to look up this economic trend.

3. Value Hunting

With the massive toll that the COVID-19 pandemic took on most people, Singaporeans like most other consumers across the APAC markets look for lasting quality as they search for daily necessities. Thus, consumer trust has evolved as a major factor for purchases to be finalized.

Moreover, Singaporeans are increasingly looking for the best available products and services, which is evident from a more than 50% jump in search interest around “top-rated”. However, while looking for the best quality, Singaporean consumers also kept an eye on the best deals available like their Australian and Filipino counterparts.

4. Online Searches for Offline Services

People in Singapore are increasingly savvy about which channels they use to optimize their experiences. They’re using digital services in bigger ways than ever before to make their lives easier, and investing the time they save to enjoy the offline experiences that matter to them.

This is apparent from the massive 260% jump in search interest around terms like “doctor anywhere”, which means that people have become much more tech-savvy and don’t mind using their phones to search for something online.

5. Simplifying Offline Searches

Not just essential services, Singaporeans are increasingly relying on online channels to look for day-to-day services too. The trend is similar in countries like Malaysia and New Zealand.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that search interest around terms like “michelin star restaurants” also boomed by over 20% in Singapore. Also, the search for “cheap flights” has also increased by over 110%.

Bottom Line

The search trends that we’ve shared here will help marketers unlock consumer trends in Singapore and APAC, and find business growth through Search and marketing innovations. Marketers need to look into these search trends to understand evolving consumer trends and identify the growing consumer needs, not only in the Philippines but across the entire APAC region.

To delve deeper into the findings of the report, download the full report by clicking here.


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