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Deliver actionable insights & analysis to help business leaders make the right decisions.


It can be difficult to keep up with all the changes to digital marketing. Social networks fall in and out of favour, ecommerce best practices keep changing and new technologies are springing up all the time. Yet, marketers must stay on top of it all to keep their companies top-of-mind with consumers and drive repeat business with customers.


ClickInsights helps marketers in Asia-Pacific stay up-to-date by providing them with data, information and insights on the ever-changing digital marketing and ecommerce landscapes.

To do so, we:


consumer behaviour to discover emerging online platforms and new digital habits.


brand marketers to understand the techniques and technologies being used by global companies to attract, convert and retain customers.


with top-tier B2B marketing technology vendors to learn about new additions to the martech stack.


our data and produce reports on the latest digital trends and the long-term changes in consumer online behaviour.

Our data is sourced from regular consumer surveys conducted in partnership with top-tier B2B marketing companies who share our passion for discovering new, online behaviours. Survey responses are collated and analysed to discover new information about regional adoption of digital technology. Insights derived from our analysis are then presented to our readers through reports with illuminating data visualisations and detailed commentary.


And, as we only use recent, bespoke data and in-house analysis, our observations about consumers and marketing in Asia-Pacific are timely, relevant and not available elsewhere.


So, whether you're a marketer, a manager, business owner, tech vendor or a c-suite executive, you can visit our website, download ClickInsights research and get a fresh look at what's happening in digital in APAC today.

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