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3 Highly Effective Instagram Campaigns from the Telecom Sector

Telecommunication is one of those sectors that has not fully tapped the potential of online marketing. Consequently, this marketing segment had a relatively low share in the global ad spend. But in recent years, there has been a significant improvement in these numbers.

Besides, the increased ad spend has been mostly directed towards social networks. As per Statista, the Indian Telecom sector has spent around 35% of its digital advertising budgets on social media ads.

Moreover, the ad revenue of social media networks like Instagram and Facebook are also sky-high at the moment. The ad revenue of Instagram is expected to reach up to $7 billion by the end of the third quarter of 2020.

These stats clearly suggest that now is the best time to harness the power of social networks for developing your Telecom business. Social networks will not only help in broadening your user base but will also foster high ROI.

Need some motivation? Here are the top three Telecommunication Instagram Ad Campaigns

Indosat Ooredoo

Run Time

August 2019 (10 days)

Target Region and Audience

Indonesia, younger audience


The user interaction with social networks hikes during the festivities and important days. The brand excellently leveraged this factor and culminated its ten days long campaign with flying colors.

The Indonesian telecom firm saw an increase of 5.7% in incremental sales along with a massive boost in the website traffic figures.


Adding a bit of taste to the Indonesian independence day, the telecom provider Indosat Ooredoo harnessed Instagram to stimulate the interest of the younger audiences in their New Freedom plan.


Indosat roped in the media agency Omnicom PHP to run the marketing campaign on Instagram for their New Freedom plan. The plan offered high data and unlimited calls to users.

The ingenious approach, followed by the firm, included designing an AR filter for Instagram. This filter allowed the users to play a game that is usually played during the independence day to spread awareness about their new plan.

Moreover, the telecom company also leveraged the Live feature of Instagram to let users compete and interact with each other using the AR filter.

To extend the visibility of the campaign and reach out to more people, Indosat included top-notch content creators to promote their products.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

Indosat handled the campaign in a way that assured a smooth transition of users from viewers to buyers.

  • Awareness phase: As Instagram is highly popular in Indonesia, Indosat used Instagram AR filters in stories to make people aware of their New Freedom plan. This was just to create an impact on the users.

  • Consideration phase: To further nudge the users, Indosat integrated a game in the AR filter. This allowed users to compete with each other on Instagram Live.

  • Conversion phase: Finally, for driving the users to the final landing page, Indosat included CTA in the video ads. They also worked in parallel with some best content creators for promoting the new product. The users were redirected to the main New Freedom landing page after they clicked on the content creator’s post.

Did they Succeed?

Yeah, the ad campaign by Indosat wrapped up with the following results:

  • It reached about 33.9 million people.

  • There was a 5.7% increase in incremental sales.

  • An increase of 37% in website traffic as compared to the previous campaign.

Products Used:

Instagram Live, Instagram Stories, Instagram AR filters


Run Time

26 August - 5 October 2019

Target Region and Audience

Australia, Australian Football fans


The live game show on Instagram acted as a successful milestone for Telstra.

The company hosted a game show “Finals Face Off” that helped in reaching large audiences and led to a 3-point lift in the number of football fans associating Telstra with the Australian Football League and National Rugby League.


Telstra used Instagram ads to accomplish multiple goals. One of them was to promote their association with the Australian Football League and National Rugby League.

Moreover, they also worked hard to prove the supremacy of their mobile network in the country.


The approach undertaken by the telecom company was pretty simple. All they did was invited users to play the game show in a live Instagram session. Post invitation, the entries were shortlisted every week for the “Finals Face Off”.

The game was played in a real-time session of Instagram, where a participant was required to guess the name of the football player shown on the screen. This would win them a ticket to the grand finals of AFL and NRL.

Apart from this, they also ran branded content ads and video ads in Instagram feed and stories to attract users.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

It is a bit difficult to turn a viewer of your ad into a customer, but Telstra did it a seamless way.

Telstra began the awareness phase of the campaign by launching the live game session with the football influencers. These sessions allowed the fans to participate in the contest, which in turn boosted awareness.

To widen the scope of the audience, the firm ran various branded ads in the news feeds and stories. They even featured GWS Giants co-captain Phil Davis for promoting the opportunity to play the “Finals Face Off”.

Did they Succeed?

The combination of the Instagram game show and branded ads delivered remarkable results to Telstra.

  • The Instagram live series attracted around 65,000 people.

  • There was a 3-point lift in the number of football fans associating Telstra with the AFL and NRL.

Products Used:

Instagram Live, Content ads, Instagram video ads

Virgin Media

Run Time


Target Region and Audience



Their fresh strategy of running carousel video ads in Instagram Stories led to various accomplishments at the end of the campaign.

The campaign yielded around 39% lower ad spend as compared to the previous year BAFTA ad campaign. Moreover, there was also a significant boost in the number of votes.


The primary goal of the campaign undertaken by Virgin media was to stimulate the viewers to vote for the BAFTA “Must See Moment” award.


All you need is the user’s attention for some time, and Virgin Media completely nailed that aspect.

While partnering with agencies like Manning Gottlieb OMD and RAPP, they produced highly engaging as well as entertaining mini video ads to raise excitement among the users. Moreover, they also focussed on running their campaign at all stages of BAFTA awards.

To make it more productive, Virgin Media roped in BAFTA ambassador Roman Kemp in a video ad.

Buyer Journey Stages Targeted:

Well, the fact that Virgin Media developed carousel video ads was the best move to make users aware of the campaign.

Moreover, the inclusion of Roman Kemp in the video ad urging users to swipe up to vote for Virgin TV’s “Must-See-Moment” was also a great way to nudge the users to take action.

Did they Succeed?

Absolutely, the campaign resulted in:

  • 42% more votes were received by carousel ads in Instagram stories as compared to other channels.

  • 70% low cost per vote with carousel ads.

  • 39% low ad spend as compared to the previous year.

Products Used:

Instagram stories, Carousel ads.

Want to build a Powerful Ad Campaign?

Well, if you have made up your mind to develop a killer ad campaign for your Telecom brand, there are some factors that you need to consider. For instance, it is necessary to analyze the needs of your audience before you launch your campaign.

The brands that are highlighted above followed different techniques as they had different goals. So, if you can link your ad campaign with any special event or day, nothing will be better than that as social media access is on its peak on those days. So, in short, there are multiple aspects to consider before building your ad campaign.


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