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3 Clothing & Accessories Brands that Leveraged TikTok for Better Brand Recognition

The global apparel market is anticipated to grow from $1.3 trillion in 2015 to $1.5 trillion in 2020. Also, the global fashion accessories market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 12.3% between 2020-2025. The data clearly suggests that the clothing and accessories industry is expected to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years.

However, with great growth prospects come massive challenges of ramping up brand recognition and brand awareness, especially in an industry that has so many players.

Fortunately, there are various platforms that brands can use these days to boost their brand familiarity among potential customers. TikTok is one such platform, which was effectively used by these three following clothing and accessories brands to enhance their brand awareness.

1. Fendi

Italian fashion house Fendi wanted to launch a new profile for which it wanted to build significant traction before its launch.

Their Objective

Before the launch of their new profile, they sought to drive huge awareness to the page, and subsequently build a new follower base.

Approach & Solution

Fendi teamed up with TikTok and ran five In-Feed Ads, whose purpose was to bring users to its new brand profile. Since these ads lead users directly to the landing page, the users were brought to Fendi’s profile, where they could follow the brand.

The ads were in line with the campaign called “F is for…,” in which Fendi brought on-board the world-famous US singer, Sabrina Carpenter. These ads represented the five Fs of Fendi’s value, namely family, fearlessness, friendship, future, and freedom.

The ads were tuned to Fendi’s music and had Sabrina’s voice over, and showed Sabrina representing these themes through lifestyle visuals. Also, she was shown wearing Fendi’s latest collection from “Fendi California Sky”. This way, the fashion house was able to associate itself also with the singer’s massive following of 4.8 million people.

The Results

The ads amassed more than 4 million views and drove in an engagement rate of 5.8%, pushing hundreds and thousands of fans toward Fendi’s new profile. An initial wave of 15,000 new followers, driven by only five In-Feed Ads was impressive by all means.

Also, the ads generated an average click-through rate that was 158% higher than the platform’s benchmark. A high video completion rate meant that it also outperformed the platform’s benchmark by 59%.

2. Furla

Italian fashion brand Furla sought to make inroads into a new consumer base, especially the youngsters.

Their Objectives

The brand wanted to connect with a young consumer base of Gen Z users in Italy and ramp up its brand awareness amongst that demographic.

Approach & Solution

Furla teamed up with TikTok as it was inarguably the best place for the brand to impact its target demographic.

Furla ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge, #FurlaDance challenge, which required the participants to replicate the dance moves of a catchy soundtrack. The challenge saw the participation of established TikTok Creators who had a combined following of more than 7.5M.

Also, they roped in highly popular web star Elisa Maino, who has more than 5M TikTok followers, to launch the #FurlaDance.

A brand banner and trending hashtag on the Discover page pushed users to the brand’s page, whose impact was further bolstered by additional ads. Furla also ran a TopView ad alongside the campaign, which dominated the entire screen once the app was opened. Also, the campaign featured a One Day Max In-Feed Ad, which ran seamlessly in the For You feed.

The Result

The campaign raked in over 124M video views, which came from more than 127K video submissions, which bore ample testimony to the TikTok community’s creative side. Moreover, Furla’s TopView ad generated more than 13M impressions, which outperformed all the expectations. Also, the overall engagement rate was a high 12.96%%.

3. Princess Polly

Australian online fashion retailer, Princess Polly, was trying to bring new audiences to its fold, and push them to purchase online through its 20% discount offer.

Their Objectives

By acquiring a new consumer base and making them purchase online, the brand sought to drive its brand awareness. Also, they wanted to measure the impact of their expenditure on ads.

Approach & Solution

The brand used auction ads to run a discount code campaign, with traffic as their main objective. This was meant to boost the brand’s outreach to a large audience, which would subsequently drive more online traffic to their ecommerce platform. Any improvement in their sales would have been directly attributed to TikTok by calculating the revenue earned through customers who used the unique discount code.

The ad was unique, playful, and in line with Princess Polly’s brand personality. Also, they manifested the general ethos of the TikTok community. Thus, the Princess Polly team could be creative in how they communicated their message and reached Gen Z and Millennial users.

The Result

Princess Polly’s TikTok campaign was highly successful, which is evident from more than nine million impressions that it generated. Also, a high click-through rate of 1.05% and an impressive 15X return on their ad spend left the entire Princess Polly marketing team blown away. Also, the TIKTOK20 discount code helped in keeping track of the purchases driven by the campaign.

Bottom Line

Driving brand awareness and online traffic through TikTok becomes a lot easier when you know what consumer base you want to focus on and what their needs are. If your target audience engages with you the way you want, rest assured they will also be interested in your brand and the kind of products and services that you roll out. However, the first step, as usual, is creating a compelling brand engagement strategy that can pull your potential consumers toward your brand.


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