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3 Consumer Goods Brands From The APAC Region That Executed Awesome Instagram Campaigns

The global consumer goods market is expected to reach $2.38 million in 2027, growing from $1.93 million in 2020 at a CAGR of 3% between 2021-and 27. The low growth rate clearly indicates that consumer brands need to come up with unique marketing ideas to excel in this highly competitive industry.

Instagram is one platform that can help brands gain the necessary exposure that can help drive their brand consideration and awareness just like it assisted these three following consumer goods brands.

1. Clinique Korea

Clinique is a subsidiary of the Estée Lauder Companies, which manufactures skincare, cosmetics, toiletries, and fragrances, usually sold in high-end department stores.

Their Objective

Clinique wanted to drive brand preference and product awareness among young people in Korea.

Solution & Approach

Clinique’s first step was to create a mobile-optimized ad creative that used text, videos, and illustrations to explain how to use the product. The goal was to educate and convey the message that people could create their customized skincare products by choosing from three base lotions and five active boosters based on their particular skin type.

The ads featured the singer Chungha as the model. The campaign also drove awareness of the new product with 15-second carousel ads on Instagram Stories that showcased each product’s features.

The Result

The Instagram campaign performed outstandingly well for Clinique and led to a 16-point lift in ad recall overall and a 23-point increase in ad recall among the main target audience of women. Also, there was a 3.8-point increase in product preference.

2. Nescafé Philippines

Nescafé is a brand of coffee made by Nestlé that was launched in 1938 and comes in various forms.

Their Objective

Nescafé sought to capitalize on the Philippines market and understand how collaborating with popular Filipino content creators could drive its consideration and conversion.

Solution & Approach

Nescafé joined hands with online learning agencyOpenmind to drive awareness and consideration for its Gold instant coffee. Also, it teamed up with various Philippines-based lifestyle actors to generate a series of visuals showing how the coffee was a part of their daily lives.

Nescafé then used the Collaborative Ads conversion objective to turn the creators’ branded content ads into Collaborative Ads that would reach a wider audience. These ads were clearly marked as “paid partnerships” and included a Shop Now call-to-action button directing people to the brand’s Shopee and Lazada stores to make a purchase.

Nescafé also served both campaigns to a broad audience of people aged 18-65 in the Philippines. It added the “view content” event to its Facebook pixel code and discovered over a 50% boost in meaningful online customer conversions.

The Result

The Instagram campaign helped Nescafé drive its incremental conversions by 25%. Also, it resulted in a 40% hike in incremental add-to-cart actions.


LA CREMERIA is one of the biggest ice cream brands in Malaysia that seeks new ways to engage with its audience.

Their Objective

LA CREMERIA sought to explore new ways to generate a greater brand and product awareness and reach its target audience.

Solution & Approach

LA CREMERIA joined hands with popular Malay actors such as Janna Nick, Nadzmi Adhwa, and Sean Lee for a branded content Instagram campaign. These actors created videos that resembled scenes from their TV shows- all while enjoying LA CREMERIA ice cream. These videos were then posted to their Instagram accounts. These posts were clearly marked as “Paid partnership with”, thereby allowing the brand to reach the followers of these celebrities through its ads.

LA CREMERIA worked closely with media agency Zenith, which helped it execute the campaign and measure results. The campaign broadly focused on Malaysians in the age group of 18-40, who had an interest in ice cream. LA CREMERIA used campaign budget optimization to identify the best-performing posts. Also, it used reach and frequency targeting to reach its audience several times over the campaign period.

The Result

The Instagram campaign turned out to be a hugely successful one for LA CREMERIA as it helped it reach 5.5 million people with a 5.6-point lift in ad recall among 35-40 year-olds. Also, there was a 4.5-point lift in likeliness for recommendation and a 4.5-point lift in ad recall among women. Moreover, there was a 2.9-point lift in purchase intent among 25-34-year-olds.

Bottom Line

Instagram, through its visual content, helps marketers draw maximum attention to their posts. With its wide array of features such as Stories, Highlights, AR Filters, and Video Posts, Instagram provides brands with a plethora of options to showcase their content and reach out to their target audience.

All you need is a solid strategy that’s backed by some mind-blowing content to make the most of this marketing platform.


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